I wanna play this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jx7vFSyboZk you've probably heard it before its from the aristocats its not very hard but i'm not very good so please help. I can't read music so please go to this site http://www.virtualpiano.net/ and translate it for me. this is what i've already figured out (the letters in parenthesis are played at the same time)

80w0 80w0
(8t) (wu) (0o) (ws)
(8s) (wo) (0u) (wt)
(8t) (wy) (0u) (wi) (8o) (wp) (0a) (ws) a oo
hGhGh (i lost track of the left hand right here i think)


I think thats right...anyway I'd really appreciate some help.Thanks