So i've had this dream like millions of other girls to become an actress but how do i become one? Like in movies such as Emma Stone or Anne Hathaway. I don't consider myself an actress until i have gotten to that point which i know is extremely far fetched but i just want to know the basics.

Okay so do I need to get acting experience before getting an agent? Do school plays count and acting classes or do i need to be an extra for a movie before getting an agent.

Am i allowed to quit from my agent at any given moment or is it like a contract.

How can i become an extra for a movie?

Does it matter when you're first starting out which agency you go to? I know not to go to someone that asks for money, but i mean can i just go to any local talent agency?

How do i get accepted by an agency? Please tell me everything i need to bring to an agency or what i need to do to get accepted by one.

Thanks so much!