I've been looking forward to the second season of Sonny With A Chance for ages now... pretty much ever since it was announced!

I know that the script for 'Falling For The Falls' is somewhere to be found on the internet, I can't find it though! That's where I need your help.

I heard it was on Fan Pop and I even clicked on direct links to the site it was available from but it was no where to be found. I have been to the forum where it once was available to download (www.sonny-with-a-chance.com) and it wasn't there either.

I've tried Scribd in the hope that someone could've re-typed it and posted it there to download as a PDF file but it wasn't on there either.

Please help! I have only seen portions of it and would love to read the whole thing!

Post links, suggest websites... please? I'm such a fan of the show and it kills me knowing that there is a script out there that I don't have! Lol!

Thanks! 5 stars for best answer.