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    Matt M

    NAT settings set to strict with my motorola 2210 modem. Help change to open?

    Problems with xbox live.? I have my xbox 360 connected directly to my motorola 2210 modem. I want to get the NAT settings to open. I have internet service from AT&T. Both AT&T and keep telling me the other one has to fix the problem for me and it's really aggravating. I don't know what to do anymore.


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    Junior Member shag1233's Avatar
    Join Date
    Apr 2008
    When multiple devices share a single Internet connection (a PC and an Xbox 360 system, for instance), the networked devices typically rely on Network Address Translation (NAT) to prevent information traffic jams. Routers with different NAT settings don't like to talk to each other. Think of this like high school cliques. The most snobbish NAT setting is "strict." Routers with this setting are like Abercrombie and Fitch models. In addition to being unusually thin, they are extremely discerning in whom they talk to, and when a router with a NAT setting of "open" asks to connect, it'll probably get rejected. The "open" NAT setting is the most forgiving.

    Think of routers with this setting like a bus station skank. Yeah, it may catch a disease once in a while, but it sees a lot of action. It doesn't reject anybody, and besides its monthly trip to the clinic for free profilactics it's always available for online gaming.

    Somewhere in the middle is the NAT setting of "moderate." Routers with this setting are like the kids that live at Hot Topic. These routers are very mysterious and often grow up to produce indie punk rock into their early thirties. Nobody really knows what's going on inside the "moderate" setting. It's more strict than "open" and it's more open than "strict." Exactly what level of noncompliance trips the switch to "moderate" is anybody's guess. Here's a handy chart of what NAT settings can talk to each other.

    The bottom line is that if your network uses a router the following is probably true:

    1. It needs to use NAT.
    2. NAT may cause Xbox Live connectivity problems.
    3. You can fix the possible problems by tweaking a few settings.

    How do you determine if NAT is the source of the internet gremlins that are stealin' yer voice packets?

    One of the easiest ways is to see if your router has been certified by the Xbox team as Xbox Live compatible. This is a free program Microsoft offers to network equipment manufacturers to help them get their equipment XBL compliant. The company sends the Xbox team sample equipment and the Xbox team works with the company to get their router within spec. After it is compliant, the company can sport the "Xbox Live Compatible" logo. See the list of certified Xbox Live compatible routers here.

    If you are one of the many people who's router is not on the "officially approved" list, like myself, then read on. Power on your Xbox 360, boot to the dashboard, and pull up the "network settings" option inside the system tab. Perform the "Xbox Live Connection Test" and note the last field at the bottom of the screen for "NAT." If you connect successfully and the NAT value returned is "moderate" or "strict" then it is probably the source of your woes. As you can see below, my router returned a setting of "moderate."


    Microsoft has a support page to help you with your NAT settings. The prescribed solution is to "open" the following ports on your router:

    * UDP 88
    * UDP 3074
    * TCP 3074

    By "open" I mean forward traffic on those ports to your Xbox 360 console. First, you need to find the local IP of your Xbox 360 console. You can get this from the network settings tab in the dashboard. It's probably 192.168.x.x. Now, login to your router's admin panel. If you've never done this, refer to your router's user manual. It's not difficult at all. If you're absolutely too lazy or unable to find the manual, try the following:

    1. Type into your browser's address bar. If that doesn't bring up your router's admin panel try or
    2. When you get the login screen for your router try the following common default user name/ password combinations UN: admin PW: admin UN: admin PW: blank (I mean literally, leave it blank) PW only: blank
    3. The above attempts are a last ditch effort because you won't Google your router's model number, so stop complaining that it doesn't work for you. After you get logged in there are a plethora of settings to screw up...err... tweak. You're looking for a setting that says port forwarding, virtual servers, UPnP forwarding, or something similar. Bottom line is find a screen that looks like the one below, and enter the above settings in addition to your console's IP address. As you can see, my console's IP is


    Hit apply, submit, or whatever button is applicable and see if you broke anything. Nothing on fire? Good. Rerun the Xbox Live Connection Test in the dashboard and see if it improved your NAT setting. In my case, my Belkin router has a cool setting called "DMZ" under the firewall settings. It allows me to effectively place one local IP address (device) outside the NAT settings of the rest of the network. It appears to be specifically inserted for situations when the "NAT feature is causing problems with an application such as a game."

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    sorry but i dont get it

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    I am having the same issue as Matt M. What Shag1233 fails to realize is that we are NOT... i repeat... we are NOT using a router. Our systems are plugged directly into the modem. Which is why it doesnt make sense that we are getting a Nat Type 3. I also have a Motorola modem with ATT. My system happens to be a ps3, and since it is also happening to Matt on xbox, this leads me to believe that it is not a problem with my ps3. In fact it is a problem with the Modem.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated by myself, and Matt i'm sure.

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    go to
    [Modem] nat type on Motorola MSTATEA Modem -
    read through the forum and your problems will be solved, it worked for me.

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    im having the same problem tecnology needs to be universal i dont care about having 50 different brands of modems just make one that i compatable with other tecnologies

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    im haven the same exact problem if anyone has figured this out i would REALLY love it.

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    lance kessler


    alright i use my 2210 directly to my xbox aswell and i had this same problem and fixed it. what you do is

    step1:go to your modem main page

    step2: go to local network..then click IP Passthrough and Select your host device and ENABLE it..then go back to local network and select NAT/Gaming then Gaming.

    step3:your going to Pull that drop bar down and find Xbox live games and enable that

    step4:go back to where you found the drop down bar and below that ull see Define custom service click that then click next if Port forwarding is selected if not select it.

    step5:name it w.e you want i named my xbox1,2,3,4, etc. your gunna need to open 6 ports first,
    xbox1 : TCP 80 80 80
    xbox2 : UDP 88 88 88
    xbox3 : UDP 3074 3074 3074
    xbox4 : TCP 3074 3074 3074
    xbox5 : UDP 53 53 53
    xbox6 : TCP 53 53 53

    step6: go to the drop down bar that you found Xboxlive games and enable all xbox1,2,3,4,5,6

    step7: Go to the local network main part and click Advanced...then ull click UPnP and Check that and save the settings and restart your device

    step8: play xboxlive with open NAT

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    ty lance kessler
    u saved my summer

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    THANKS u also saved my summer

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