I just got a Defy. Unfortunately, I have the minimal $15/month data plan ... and I don't want to rack up a thousand dollar bill. I have looked all over the internet but while it seems to help, I'm feeling it isn't.

I went and turned off Background data in the settings as well as Data Roaming in Data Delivery. I went to Mobile Network Settings and turned off Data Roaming. I made sure the sync was on when connected to wifi. This was yesterday. I figured it was working because the 3G arrowed thing was grayed and some apps wouldnt work because the data was off.

I turned the phone on this morning and I saw my Facebook status on the top, as well as friends recent updates. The 3G arrowed blinked black once in a while.

The settings are the same. I don't think I'm in wifi. Any help? I got to get data turned off unless in Wifi so my limit wont be crushed.