Please answer the questions with the best of your ability and in as much detail as possible. Thank you for your time, it means a lot.


1. Do you believe the government has any influence on what you and/or your family eats? Why or why not?
2. In your experience, has the quality of food become of less importance to stores? Are food policies set at a high enough standard in Canada? Explain.

3. Do you think the food available to you is the healthiest and of high quality? Do you think that the government genuinely supports the production of this food? Explain.

4. What is your opinion of local farms?

5. What food policies are you aware of in Canada? Who do you think is responsible for food policies and agricultural trade in Canada?

Corporate control of food policy and agriculture.

A handful of corporations control the world's food industry. This applies to global food production and distribution sector by sector. For instance, a mere five companies dominate the world's grain production. These corporations essentially determine what farmers grow and what we eat. The food industry has become a business not to benefit the consumer and ensure the healthiest and safest food is distributed, but to increase the revenue of those companies. Unfortunately, the quality of the food is at expense of the currently set food policies. For instance, there have been multiple beef recalls in Canada due to E. Coli contamination.

6. How does this affect your opinion?

7. What should the government be doing to solve food policy issues?

8. In your opinion, how would the reduction of corporate control on food policy and agricultural trade help the problem?

9. Would you say that food has become like product, and instead of nourishing the bodies of individuals consuming the food, it is instead being harmful in some ways? Why?

10. Now that you are aware of the issue, what are some ways to solve it and how are you going to contribute?