I have been trying to mine for a while now. I can mine Bitcoins no problem. I use GUIminer for bitcoins. If I go to a litecoin pool and signup, enter my information on GUIminer then it says it is mining at 300Mhash/s but when I go to the pools website there is absolutely no information on the kh/s, shares or that my worker is even active. I have the right host and port because it connects to the server and says it is mining and shares are popping out of GUIminer. My workers and passwords are correct. Why are my stats not showing up and paying me through the litecoin pool's site? I use www.litebonk.com and coinotron.com

Also I cannot use GUIminer-scrypt. I have tried for hours and it will not let me open it because the guiminer.exe.log could not be opened and there is no permission to it. So if you tell me to use that, let me know how to fix that problem.