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The MGC Chatbox Evo is really easy to use

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* : Depending on the settings chosen by the administrator(s) of the forum, you might not have access to all these features.
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    Junior Member Dennis man's Avatar
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    Mar 2009

    enV2 keeps shutting off by itself?

    i have an enV2 and it sometimes shuts off by itself. i know its not by accidental button pushing because it turns off even when its just on my desk. it used to happen like once every now and then, but now its like 2-3 times a day. i know a couple other people with the same phone but they dont have this problem. why? any ideas? thanks

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    same answers on internet

    i have the same problem but mine shuts off 2-3 times an hour. its terrible.

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    Mobilephone1 EnV2 shutting off randomly?

    I am having the same problem with my EnV2. It shuts off in my pocket and for awhile I thought It me accidently shutting it off but then its been shutting off while its laying on my desk or night stand and its really annoying when I am texting someone. I am gonna try and call Verizon and they SHOULD send me a new One.

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    I did call verizon, and they screwed up and sent me the Voyager without a battery. When I called to tell them, they told me to go to the store. I went to the store and they replaced my old env2 for a new one. I have had that phone for two days so far and it has shut off about 12 times. Including 3 times while I was on hold with them today. It is a problem with the actual phone, no matter what you do it will happen as long as you have it. I recommend going to another carrier, because Verizon does not care about what happens with their customers.

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    that happened with my env2 probably started out like once a day then all of a sudden it started happening more and more and then one day it did it nonstop while calling and texting it just froze then shut off and as soon as i turned it back on it would shut off again. finally it wouldnt turn on anymore and i went to the stored and they gave me a new phone but its called an incomplete wake up and i lost allll my contacts and pictures and everything, phone sucks! and it just started happening again, this phones only 2 weeks old:/

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    my crazy env2 phone issues

    Hi i have had about 4 env2's and my dad has taken me to the store 4 times now i am 13 and i loved my phone at first but now i hate it . My dad got the env touch and i really like it but i don't really enjoy touch screens but i would like to live with that and just get a better phone....anyway my point is when i was just viewing a message and like trying to read it my phone calls my friend by it's self right in front of me. My mom hates phones and so she couldn't really help me with my phone issue. I txted my dad and he might take me to the verizon store and i really hope i get the env touch i like the env3 but i need a big keypad. i am close to 6ft 3 so my hands are pretty big lol. but yeah so hopefully i can get some help with my promblem . but also it used to turn on and off alot maybe 5-8 times a day so now it has stopped but thanks to anyone who can answer my promblem i will keep u posted on what happens with my phone.

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    help me with my phone

    some one help me with my phone promblem i am the same girl who wrote the one with smilely face at the top.

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    Battery Work-around to the self-turn-off problem

    Hi all...
    This was happening to me with my env2 but a friend helped me fix the problem, which is caused by bad contact between the battery and the phone.

    Remove the battery from the back.

    At the bottom of the recess in which the battery sits are the 4 gold contacts.

    First, clean these contacts with a pencil eraser and be sure to clear any eraser leavings fromt he recess.

    At the top end of the recess (opposite the gold contacts) you'll see the holes where the posts from the battery pack insert.
    For this next part, you'll need a business card or some paper. I've found that a double-layer (single fold) of business card works, so probably a triple or quadruple-layer of paper will do as well. Cut the card such that it is just short enough to fit lengthwise between the post-holes, and wide enough that when folded lengthwise it will fit into the recess. Position the folded piece against the top "wall" of the recess between the post-holes and then insert your battery.

    The card/paper pushes the battery downward just enough to make solid connection with the gold contacts. I did this about a month ago, and the phone has never sinced turned off on its own (it was doing it a few times a day prior to that).

    Good luck!

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    Star Blue LG enV2 shuts off

    I have had my LG enV2 for about 9 months. It has always shut off on me, but at first it wasn't all the time and I thought it was because it was in my purse or pocket and something hit it. But now it shuts off a minimum of 3 times a day.

    The first time I took it to verizon, I was told by the tech department that it shuts off because of the number of text messages in the inbox. I didn't believe them, but I deleted all of my messages and the problem persisted.

    Tonight I went to a different store and they knew about the problem and gave me a phone number to call and I would be sent a new phone. When I called the number however the woman told me to update the software, which I tried but it said there were no new updates. After that she said the problem would be fixed. How can it be fixed if there are no updates?

    After it powers itself down again tonight I will give her a call again... great.

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    omg! it's sooo annoying. my phone does it alllllll the time! i hate it its sooo annnoyingg. so if im like txting my friend it turns off and it doesnt even save in drafts so i have to rewrite the whole thing! i really wanna new phone! will vrzn give it to me for free? or do i have to pay?

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