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    I thought i was the only one with the problem! Thank God I'm getting a new phone in about two days :]

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    Flash i really hate this phone. but there is hope

    same problem. i put a small folded piece of paper in the back between the battery and the phone and it helped. good luck. i threw my other one accross the room cause it was pissing me off and that does not work. do not try it

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    cock muncher 69


    verizon sucks dick.

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    fixed the problem with this phone!

    Thanks to this website, and especially to KDS63, who wrote on this website on 8-24-2009, I was able to fix the problem of my enV2 phone constantly turning itself off. KDS63 wrote that she removed the battery and cleaned the contacts, which I did not do. But I did the second part she described. That was to insert paper (cut the size of the battery compartment) inside the battery compartment, thick enough to make the battery fit snuggly. Once I did that simple task, the phone has not turned off once! And that was over 6 weeks ago!

    To get help to correct this problem, I had been in twice to the Verizon store, and they told me the first time the phone was turning itself off because I had too many pictures on my phone (I had about 30!) So I took them all off and put them on a card. It made no difference whatsoever. So I took the phone back to Verizon, and they said they didn't know why this was happening, but would update the software and see if that helped. Again, no difference in it continuing to turn itself off. So when I discovered the solution for this, I assumed that Verizon would like to have this info so they could pass it on to their customers, and they wouldn't have so many frustrated people! Wrong, they were totally unimpressed with this information and said it was really the manufacturer's problem anyway, not theirs! Can you believe it? So they were not interested in passing this information on to those who may have similar problems. I don't know if this fix will work for all enV2's that turn themselves off, but it's sure worth a try, for all of you who still have that phone.

    Good luck to you all, and THANK YOU KDS63!!!!!!

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    KDS63's recommendation worked for me.

    Here it is again.
    Hi all...
    This was happening to me with my env2 but a friend helped me fix the problem, which is caused by bad contact between the battery and the phone.

    Remove the battery from the back.

    At the bottom of the recess in which the battery sits are the 4 gold contacts.

    First, clean these contacts with a pencil eraser and be sure to clear any eraser leavings fromt he recess.

    At the top end of the recess (opposite the gold contacts) you'll see the holes where the posts from the battery pack insert.
    For this next part, you'll need a business card or some paper. I've found that a double-layer (single fold) of business card works, so probably a triple or quadruple-layer of paper will do as well. Cut the card such that it is just short enough to fit lengthwise between the post-holes, and wide enough that when folded lengthwise it will fit into the recess. Position the folded piece against the top "wall" of the recess between the post-holes and then insert your battery.

    The card/paper pushes the battery downward just enough to make solid connection with the gold contacts. I did this about a month ago, and the phone has never sinced turned off on its own (it was doing it a few times a day prior to that).

    Good luck!

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    My phone was shutting off all the time. When I held it in my hands I could see the battery go from fully charged all the way down to dead in a matter of seconds. I removed the battery and used compressed air to clean the contacts from the phone to the battery, and the problem went away.

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    Env2 Keeps Shutting Off...

    The battery connector is really poor quality in this phone... Very weak spring force, and super cheap plastic. What I did was to bend the spring posts to make a much more solid connection... You have to be careful, since the plastic is so cheap it breaks if you breathe on it wrong... You could also cut one of those little plastic coffee stirrers that they have at Peets or Starbucks and slip it under the loops, then tack it in place with a couple tiny drops of super glue... Putting a card between the battery and the phone will make the battery fir tighter, but it will also move the battery away from the spring posts, which really should make the problem worse. But basically my forensic analysis of the phone showed that the problem is a very weak connection to the battery...

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    I tried this business-card method with the card sitting between the two prong holes at the top. This works! A double-fold of a standard business card is all you need. You don't want to see the battery visually bowed in the middle when installed back into your phone.

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    You can also use sparingly, sterling silver-cleaner on a Q-tip, and rub gently your four gold battery contacts as well as the contacts on the battery itself. Buff with a clean Q-tip until you have a very shiny surface. That will take any oxidation (this is why also your problem shows up after about 2 weeks to a month....) off of the phone and battery contacts. Do this occasionally, as well this works for digital cameras, etc.

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    Business card trick worked for me.

    Thanks so much for posting the business card trick. I cleaned the contacts and place two small pieces of business card to make a tighter fit for the battery and it has solved my problem!

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