Played it about a year and a half ago. It was a shooter. Can't remember if it was 1st person or 3rd person tho. You would just kill zombies and gain money for crazy new guns/weapons. Here's the thing that sets it apart tho. These zombies had square heads. There were nurse zombies and dog zombies among others but can't remember the rest of them. I remember one of the stages was a 2 story parking garage. Oh and there were health packs ( can't remember if they just popped up during gameplay or you bought them) and they had a website you could go to and print out different zombies, cut them out and fold them and tape them since the zombies were like box heads. Lastly, there was a multiplayer co op mode you could team up with 3 other people.

PS: its not alive4ever.

Please help me with the title of this iPhone game.