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What happens in a grievance meeting?
I have a grievance meeting next friday at my old work. I left my job in Nov as I resigned during a disciplinay for sending personal emails. I worked with a couple and a manager and when the husband started working with us all three turned against me for some reason and would leave me out and make snide comments and ignore me or leave me out, it was very upsetting. The day I planned to resign I found an email on the printer from the husband to a friend of his talking about me stating that 'he should see the hot bird he works with, nice big fake tits, D cup I think and really friendly too, too friendly according to my wife' This was a complete lie as I was always professional and he had made other snide remaks previously to me about my appearance and that he apologised if he gropoed me at a work party so I wrote a grievance letter to the company about teh email and the fact that I felt I was bullied, victimised and ignored.I have my meeting next friday but I have no idea what it will entail and i am really nervous. Can anyone shed some light?