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    I agree christian mingle and eharmony big waste of time and money i tried to contact christian mingle they never replied BIG JOKE!

  2. #42
    Christian Mingle in my opinion is a big scam. I keep opting out of their relentless spam only to receive more spam in a week or two. I would NOT do business with an outfit that does this. They are morons.

  3. #43
    Tess Alex

    Scammed from Christian Mingle

    I was scammed big time on Christian and I met this guy online and he claimed he was widower and he lost his wife seven years ago with his son. He also had another son who he had to raised by himself. He also claimed that he could lived anywhere in the world if he found the right woman.

    Since I only joined for one month and he also joined for one month and I felt WOW. This is good start. He also stated he was diamond and gold investor. RED FLAG FOLKS

    Was not thinking and hey, people are diamond and gold investors but it depends what they do and how they do it. So after my time was up and I gave him my email and he as well gave me his and we starting emailing one another and then we got into chat.

    What I did not like I felt like it was more of assessment and interview then just talking to one another and I started to feel very uncomfortable. I told him we need to meet in person. He said he would be back in Austin, TX and we will meet.

    The short version of the story was he was in NY doing business and he had to fly to Ghana that where the goldmines were and the royals. In the short period of time before he left NY and he told me I was the perfect woman he was searching for and that he fell in love with me. I told him you cannot fall in Love with someone you never met. He claimed yes, you can and it is G-D will and the heart.

    So after he went to Ghana, and he stated my pretty queen, my laptop broke and fell and I need it for my work and so he asked me to purchase my laptop. I did and shipped it what got me was he gave me his address in Austin, TX and his landline. He also shipped me many items: including African dress, beaded necklaces and bracelets. Earrings, sandals, picture of him and CD tape. So that lead to believe that he was OK.

    When he got the laptop and he was very happy and thinking everything was fine and dandy. Ten mini. later and he said sad news my pretty queen and that night we text. He need to get out of the county because the Royals would not cash the travelers checks. and they were under tight security. I told him I cannot do that he had the nerve to say to me ask others please I need to leave. I told him no I cannot and I am no fool. That is when he went off line and he stated I insulted him. Later on, we got into a fight and he said I insulted him and after that the gig was over with. I was very hurt by the fact that the picture that person sent me was beautiful.

    What I came to find out he has a lot computer generated numbers, he can have any number he wants and have it ring wherever. So someone else is in Ghana and maybe he never left NY in the first place. Trust me be very careful and never send no money to any part of Africa or the rest of the world. If you have not met he or she and chances are you will never met them. It is scam and they are good what they do. The are con artist and scam artist and they rob you heart, soul and mind. The make you into a victim and they hide behind G-D himself. He even said it looks like you like money over my love and material things are more important to you. This is all manipulation and it sort of cult. I like to know who was the picture on Christian Mingle the same picture they send me. His name Edward Swann or Edward Swanne and watch out for the tiny sites. Gold and silver and he was willing to sell the house as well and where I wanted to live. Interesting. When I told him about materialism or money I replied back I would been divorce instead of widow if that was the case.

    Now you are on top and they become the victim and I did everything back to him and the same process what he did to me. I also told him what time of day it was and he belongs in bowels of hell. They target widows and thinking we are lonely and need a man etc and love. Remember let the buyer beware and never allowed yourself to be victim.

  4. #44
    I kind of hate to admit this, but since I'm an anonymous guest, why not? I've checked out probably 2 dozen dating sites in the last 5 years. What I've found is there are ALOT of scammers out there, and a few honest people. If there weren't any honest and good and caring people on these sites, there would be no one to scam. But on several sites I've actually seen friends or acquaintances or just people I recognized, and in almost every case they were people who were single and who I could imagine joining a dating site. I had a friend who saw one of my profiles once. It was embarrassing when he told me that he saw it, and I told him I was just messing around, which was partly true. But its pretty simple. WIDE is the path to destruction and narrow is the path to righteousness. There are millions of people in America claiming to be Christians and to some degree they may believe themselves to be just that, but just as there are hundreds of different denominations, there are millions of different interpretations of what it is to be a Christian. Scriptures tell us not to be na´ve and easily taken in. But on the otherhand we shouldn't go through life never trusting anyone or helping anyone out. But giving anyone money who you have not come to know through a real life personal relationship is just plain irresponsible. We are to be good stewards with what we are given, do not throw pearls before swine. But at the same time we are to be generous and we are to help out widows and orphans and the poor. And we are to test people as well. Do not judge them by their outward appearances, but judge them by their inner beauty, their character. If you know your scriptures, then discuss the scriptures with them. If they are scammers, at least make them work hard to earn your time. But NEVER give anyone money over the internet, NEVER. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!!!!!!!! It's bad enough that you give them your time, don't add to it by giving them your money. If they do ask you for money, force them to jump through hoops to prove they are who they are. Maybe they'll just all of a sudden stop writing you? Make them take a picture of themselves with a newspaper dated that day and that you can tell is from the town they claim they live in or something like that. Make them stage a picture, tell them to do something that only the person in the picture you see of them in their profile could do. And don't be afraid to challenge them and ask them to prove who they are. I've been challenged and asked to do that, and I was very pleased that they were giving me the opportunity to do so. I wasn't offended or scared away. Well, hopefully this advice might help someone?

  5. #45
    Well I am so disheartened The story I just read was exactly what I went through. Totally fell in love with this "gentleman". He said everything you would want to hear. Not pushy, perfectly timed (oh they are so good ) !!!!!! Was finally about to meet and ALAS..... he had to go to Malaysia for a huge contract he was working on for months. He kept in touch, emails,calling,texting ... BUT when I started to have my suspitions and requested facetime or Skype the excuses came. Then the "borrow money from me" scam came !!!!!!!! My heart dropped, I cried .... then I put my big girl pants on and said good bye !!!!!!! I did not send him a penny THANK GOD! And believe it or not he still emailed me and even called me again once!!!!! I truly believe the pictures they use are not them and these people have no idea that their pictures are being used. And I bet my picture will be used as well. So new rule for me....... if we connect on cm and want to actually meet they have to facetime or Skype. Google Malaysian Scams ....... Its just so unreal !!!!!! Good Luck everyone.... we live in a really creepy world ! BTW the name he used was Richard Noah from Fredericksburg Va. AND I just got emailed today on cm from another guy using (someonelikeme001) he asked me to email him because his time was running out GUESS WHAT HIS EMAIL WAS.... richardnoah01 but this time he is from Washington DC.......... If they have a sob story say GOODBYE !!!!!!

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    12 smb

  7. #47

    Inquiry on this Ireland man

    Can you tell more about this man who claimed to be working on a project in Ireland with a daughter? I'm curious if this is the same guy who my friend has been in touched with at this dating site. I appreciate the extra information. Thanks.

  8. #48
    Quote Originally Posted by Harry View Post
    I'm not sure if I should get a membership or not.
    have a whois lookup at those sites from and check whether the disclosed contact details are true and whether they are trusted to your knowledge.If not it is likely to be a scam.You can also check the website reputation and safety at Webutation - Website Reputation Community against fraud and badware then rely on them

  9. #49
    Quote Originally Posted by Harry View Post
    I'm not sure if I should get a membership or not.

    Do you want to know about website ? I did a whois lookup for this site here Here i got formatted information. Then i have searched some reviews in Google finally i saw some reviews here i got this message "Low Trust Rating. This Site May Not Be Safe to Use." and here i got 90% web reputation.With these I think it may or may not be scam If you are satisfied with these reviews you can go with them otherwise get away from this site .

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