Hi everyone,

This just started happening last night. I usually check on my FaceBook account (who doesn't?). So I moved to different places. I checked out my Profile. Went to the Home to look at news feeds, looked at my inbox, went back to the Home Page. So I accidentally clicked the Home button again and it showed a blank screen saying "Services for this domain have been discontinued". I tried refreshing the but it didn't work. So I browsed other websites for a while which all seemed okay. I try typing in facebook.com again on a whole new tab but it just shows that page with "Services for this domain have been discontinued".

I restarted and that seemed to do the trick. Then I turned off the computer and went to bed. In the morning, I logged onto Facebook and it was okay. I checked my Profile and then went back to the Home Page. After a few minutes of surfing the net, I went back to Facebook and clicked my Profile. Once again, it showed that annoying page and whatever link I click that is in Facebook, shows this page. I tried restarting the computer and Facebook was fine but then after a few minutes it showed this again and I really can't do anything about it. I never did anything.

Please, if you're going to answer, at least tell me what to do. Several times already I've seen people simply reply something like 'You have to pay' or 'Remove the link from Sedo.' I never bought any domain. It's FaceBook I'm trying to open and nothing else.. Thanks in advance!