I made a lot of changes ever since I found out I like him. I am tired of being the one who always initiate the conversation. My self confidence declined and I am so frustrated with myself. He is Latino and I am Asian. My family runs a small business. He works for beer company as the delivery guy. I helped him stocking and organizing the beers. Looking back, he hasn't done anything out of his job duty for me. The feeling of sadness runs in me so deep when I am writing these words right now. Whenever he arrives to our store to deliver beers, I always find excuses to hang around him. Needless to say, I changed my hair, dressed nicer in hoping I would be looking attractive to him. Tomorrow is New Year 2014 and I realize there is not much hope for me with this guy. What makes me don't understand is that why white guy I don't have a hard time with, but Latino guys ... (sigh) ... 7 months had passed, all we did was saying "Hi" and "Bye." I am done with this guy. I could saying out loud that I like him but it would be pointless.