I'm 16, i probably look a year or 3 younger for my age and i consider myself to be pretty average. I don't do anything weird but sometimes 1or 2 people laugh inside their cars at me or, when i'm walking by. I hate it and I don't like walking outside because of it!! It's humiliating!!!

I'm something like 5"4 1/2 or 5"5, I'm thin, don't dress weird, I wear retainers, my hair is somewhat short most of the time, I dress casually, such as hoodies and jeans. When I go out depending on the weather I usually wear sneakers and a winter jacket(hoodless) with the hood of my hoody sticking out.

People can be driving by and stare at me for no reason!!!! It's very annoying!!!! Not everyone does it, but when i'm walking outside, or walking home some idiots do it!!! It's very annoying and pisses me off!!