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    Junior Member mannyyantis's Avatar
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    Jan 2009

    what are some funny and appropriate rowing sayings for a shirt?

    My team or rowers are getting t-shirts and i want to know any funny yet appropriate t-shirt sayings that we can put on them and wear them at regatta's or when we work out

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    rowing shirts

    don't feed the lightweights

    Eat. Sleep. Row. Repeat.

    We do more before 8am then most people do all day

    Lightweight rowing: we may be hungry, but we look better in spandex.

    If you can read this we caught a crab

    Front: I row, therefore I am Back: Insane!

    Happiness is a set boat.

    Hows my rowing? Call 1-800 up yoars

    Kiss my stern

    Fast girls have better times.

    Rowing- Its oar-gasmic!

    Practice safe rowing- use a coxswain

    Front: Rowers are good in bed.
    Back: 1) we are always almost naked 2) no matter how tired we are we always keep on going. 3)we've had tons of training to get this good 4)we have excelent stamina and endurance 5)we are ready to go at 6am 6)we're not afraid to get wet 7)we set speed records while maintaining good form 8) we listen to our cox and go on command 9)our stroke is never off. 10)power hour isn't just for erging.

    Top 10 Reasons Rowing is Better Than Sex:
    1. You can row with minors and not get arrested.
    2. You do not have to worry where your oar has been before.
    3. Two words: "Cox Box".
    4. You can row with up to seven other people at the same time.
    5. Your oar will never give you a S.T.D. (except crabs).
    6. Female rowers give Head races a new name.
    7. Let's face it, it's not.
    8. When rowing you have a coach to tell you what you did wrong.
    9. After a good hard row, everybody is satisfied.
    10. In rowing, the catch is aggressive, the hands quick, the slide smooth, the drive powerful, and the oar is always hard.

    I'm probably too late for these answers to do any good, and the last few aren't all that appropriate, but I thought these were funny and worth posting anyway.

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    Theree is this shirt and its got a life is good guy on and erg and it says life is NOT good and there is one tht says the same but the guy is hanging out of the boat with a crab at the eend of the oar.
    "I'd rather row and loose than be a cheerleader."
    "You row like a girl, good for you"
    on the back(really tiny):"If you can read this you are going to fast up your slide."
    "I can see u and we are beating you!"
    "Funkin' Rowers"(dunkin donuts)

  4. #4
    On the front: "Rowing: Our anti-drug"
    On the back: "The only thing we're smoking is the competition"

    On front:"Our wake..."

    On back:"...Your funeral"

  5. #5
    we pull our cox all day

  6. #6
    rowing-the only sport you can win sitting on your butt going backwards

  7. #7
    "The Harder You Stroke, The Happier the Cox"

    Front: Any Seat, Any Boat, Any Day
    Back: With a Smile

  8. #8
    feather it, square it, sink it.

    real athletes row. everyone else just plays games.

  9. #9
    A good cox makes all the difference

    Size matters, especially if you are in the cox seat

    Head race, stroke, cox... are we still talking about rowing?

    *on the right sleeve upside down* Port *on the left sleeve upside down* Starboard

    Set the boat don't rock the boat baby... set the boat don't tip the boat over *with musical tunes*

    Teammates, Oar-n't you glad to see me?

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    This is like one above. On the back of the shirt "If you can read this... your rushing"

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