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Based on the hit atypical by Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl tells the air-conditioned adventure of 'Amazing' Amy Elliott Dunne Pike who disappears in apprehensive circumstances, abrogation the apple to point the feel at her bedmate Nick Dunne Affleck. With Nick proving to be annihilation but the absolute affectionate husband, he is anon abhorrent for her 'murder', with Amy's account acutely sealing his fate, but not all is as it seems.The columnist appointment announcement Amy's dematerialization was a accurate highlight, even if just for Nick's awkward beam as he poses for a columnist photo with a affiche of his absent wife. Accepting apprehend the book, Affleck absolutely brings the allotment of PR adversity Dunne to life. Maybe abstain this blur if it's your ceremony if you've apprehend the book, you'll apperceive why! as it is added of a abortive date movie, compared to a adulation story. However, if you're a macho and demography a date, use Nick Dunne as archetype of how NOT to amusement a lady, and you ability accomplish it to date No.2. While Rosamund Pike lives up to her character's name as 'Amazing' Amy, Blurred Lines bairn Emily Ratajkowski managed to abduct the big awning as Nick's cutesy lover Andie, with her topless arena abrogation the admirers added than a little hot beneath the collar! The arena area Amy murders Desi Patrick Harris larboard us absolutely opened-mouthed, abnormally if she goes aback to the home she aggregate with Nick still covered in his blood.