My friend and I being college students went to this club last Saturday night. We went inside and started dancing, had a few drinks, and we eyed these two females dancing together, but with no guys.

We start dancing with them and the girl puts her hands on my chest, and I say that she's cute. She smiles and says I am too and slides her hands down to my stomach, putting one hand on my stomach and one hand then goes onto my crotch (not inside my pants, but from the outside).

So I proceed to put my hand on her boob and then slide my other hand to touch her butt.

When I do this, next thing I know she is kneeing me in the balls. I fall to the dance floor in pain as some people stop and gather around, and I see all the girls are covering their mouths and laughing. I'm cupping my balls, laying on the floor for like 10 minutes.

Wtf, did I deserve this, girls? What would you do if you saw this happen in the club? Would you or have you ever done this to a guy?