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    Joypad Owwwwwww

    So I'm Anna and one day I was in my older brothers room to look for my Xbox controller he borrowed I was looking around and I couldnt find it he is 3 years older than me and sadly he plays ALOT of sports ( basketball football and hockey ) he still is kinda a gamer though. I am not weak and can put up a fight but he just had worked out and came back into his room I'm pretty skinny to so he could easily lift me so he finds me lookng around in his room and he gets REALLY mad I don't know why but he takes my bikini underwear by the back yanks it over my head and ropes it on the hook in his closet he comes back with icy hot and a weird powdery thing I beg him to let me go and he asks me what I was doing in his room I tell him I want the Xbox controller and he laughs and says oh you just want the Xbox controller ?! Hahaha ....NO then he pours things in the front and back of my underwear and then gets some hot sauce I scream and kick him in the balls he gets mad and yanks my underwear from the front and lets me off the hook and then grabs the front and back with everything poured in it witch burns already :,( he yanks for about 10-15 mins and gets tired so he hangs me downstairs on a workout bar and hangs the front and back he pulls a few times then leaves me there after 1 hr it ripped I was sooo relieved but he saw me upstairs and let me go I was soooo happy when he didn't grab me and thought he was gonna go easy on me boy I was WRONG he lets me shower And get clothes on My butt and front hurt so much then he came into my room and he said that he wasn't finished so he gagged me and tied me to a chair then he takes the controller and smashes it with a jackhammer from our garage he laughs because he has his own controller and only Needed that one cuz his friend was over then he said aww are you gonna cry? Then pulls up the back to the back of the chair and then pulls the front from the legs and yanks so hard them I cry and beg him to let me go but nothing comes out cuz of the gag and then he ripps the underwear and laughs he takes off the ropes and gag and lets me go get new underwear and ehen i come back he asks me what am I NEVER gonna do again I say go into your room he says damn right youre not and he hugs me and pulls up my underwear just a little and tells me he will THINK about getting me a better controller which he did so ya and also he told me he wasn't sorry then punched me in the gut well at least I got my controller

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    First and worst

    Now i wore briefs for most of my life, and i never had a problem, until a few months into my first year at high school. We were getting changed (usually there's no problem) when the cool kid, Jonathon, turns round and points at me just standing with in my briefs and only a shirt to cover myself with. He yelled "grab him!" and about 5 people grabbed my arms and legs, and lifted me into the air, ripping my shirt of in the process. They carried me through the school on their shoulders, and i was so embarrassed! Then they brought me outside to the football pitches, and carried me to the far end where all the benches were. Someone ran off and came back with some duct tape from the art department, and they then tied me face down to the bench, with my arms taped out in front of me. Jonathon said "what should we do with him" and i was so scared. Somebody shouted wedgie, and he grabbed my black briefs, and pulled so hard and crushed my balls, and then everybody took it in turns to give me wedgie. I couldn't help but get hard, and Jonathon saw, and pointed it out. He then moved my feet into a jock lock wedgie, and everyone left, leaving me tied up in a jock lock, and didn't come back until the end of the day, when they carried me back to the school building and left me in the middle, with my hands still tied. I ran for the changing rooms, and several people gave me little wedgies on the way there, but i eventually found the changing rooms were Jonathon thankfully untied me and let me go. Luckily, i then discovered something about him that made him the guy that was wedgied and bullied, so it serves him right!

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    Are you a boy or girl?

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    thong messie

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    Ok, my name I Gracie and I am 14. I am 4'9 and only about 80 pounds. My older brothers are 4 years older than me and ten times bigger and stronger(btw they are twins). For some reason, they don't like me. Just because you go in their room to search for scraps, doesn't mean that they have to give me a wedgie. It was s Wednesday night, our parents out of town for 3 weeks, my brothers decide to have 'fun' with me. They handcuff my legs and hands. "Now the real fun begins" said one of my brothers, I feel a pull on my pants as they take them off by cutting them. They do the same thing with my shirt. "1or 2 Gracie?" 2 I say. "2 is the bra goes off." They take my bra off leaving me naked except my thong that is on backwards. They take me outside to a tree in our front yard and put hot sause, icy hot, pine cones. They hang me up on the tallest branch and I immediately feel the worm up my butt and vag.Then they take a water hose up my butt and one up my vag. I can feel the icy hot and hot sause starting to burn like hell.
    After about 4 hours my thing breaks, leaving me naked in our front yard. The twins come back later and see that I am naked on the ground and they take turns shoving pine cones, needles, pine needles, an works up my vag. My vag is on fire and I can feel everything poking around in there. All the while I am begging them to stop, they just laugh and tell me to get another pair of panties on. When I come back they have me roll a die. I rolled a 4. "Propeller wedgie" I roll to see how many times around. I roll a six "20 times" I am begging them to stop. They keep laughing. They stick the metal bar through my leg holes, and start turning. Immediately I feel the tension. Ten times through, I feel like passing out. My brothers saw this and said "if you pass out you will get double everything. I fight the urge to pass out after that. Finally at spin 20, they said to pick a number between 1-2. "1" I say "that is a hanging wedgie like this then, they hang me up while I am still in my propeller wedgie. I forgot to say that there is snow on the ground and I am naked.
    Luckily, my underwear ripped and they took me inside. They let me put my bra on but they put itching powder in it. My boobs are so itchy now, but I can't itch it. "If you can handle this then you are done. I decided that no matter what, I will not give in. They completely strip me naked and put me at the end of the block half s mile away. While I am completely naked and tied up, they tell me to go home, and walk away. I already had snow in my vag and I was freezing and I haven't even started. I start the long journey back. About halfway through my boobs and vag are frostbitten. My feet are freezing too. About 15 cars have passed and about 5 people have walked by without helping me. By the time I get home, I had been out there for 2 hours. And just my luck, they locked it. I banged the door with my feet and they went to bed. So I had to stay out there naked all night. I already had frostbite. Just then my brother sneaks up on me and puts binder clips on by boob nipples. And vag lips and walks away laughing. I can't move them and they hurt and are colder. The next morning, I am brought in and let go. This is fake by the way.

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