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    gym class wedgie

    Well, I was in 7th grade and in gym class when I get my first wedgie. I was changing clothes in the locker room and as I took off my shirt, some boy pantsed me while my arms were still in the midst of removing my shirt. Everybody immediately turned and saw me in some tighty whities which were a size too small. All the boys were laughing when one boy suggested I get a wedgie. A large group of them grabbed me and dragged me to the showers where a boy grabbed the back of my undies and pulled them high over my neck and hooked them on the shower rack. I was lifted so high to where my feet were dangling above the ground. After about 5 minutes or so of constant laughing and name calling, they left me there to unhook myself. While doing so, I heard the door reopen and just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, six or seven girls came thru and saw me attempting to remove the wedgie. They pointed and laughed me. Eventually, the girls let me down only to start spanking me! This was definitely the worst experience of my life.

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    Screwdriver Horrible sleep over wedgie

    Well, I was 15 and at a sleep over. Well, I guess all my friends thought it would be fun to give me a wedgie. I was on the computer when my friend Baile came in and said, "Taylor, look up wedgies." I didn't know what a wedgie was, so I did. By this time all my friends were in there, on hiding behind the door. I said, "Wow, these look like they would hurt!" Right then, the one who was behind the door, Nora, slammed it shut, making me turn around. "What the-" They had takled me and Jenna said, "Lets see just how bad it hurts!!!" And before I knew it, my green panties were forced upward. I yelled, and they gave me and atomic wedgie. I hurt soooo bad, but after about 5 min. of torture, I managed to get out of the room and undo the wedgie. They chased me all around, until finally they cornered me. They closed in, and I turned around and closed my eyes. Jade reached down, got a handful of pantie, and purred in my ear, "How's about a hanging wedgie, or-" This was bad, because she only stops talking when she has an idea. They blind folded me, and took me to Nora's room (which had bunkbeds). They gave me a wedgie, but not a fast one, but one the slowly inched it's way up your back. They undid my c-cup bra, and then they gave a quick yank and I hollared in pain. They gave me a bra connection wedgie, then told me to stand up. I stood up in total pain, and they made me bend down, incrasing the wedgie. They decided that a flag pole wedgie would be fun, and Nora DID have a flag pole in her front yard. They stung me up about 7ft. and turned me around to spank me. I got about 50 HARD spankings, and hung me there for an hour. I came in and the said I needed to drink 3 gallons of water. I protested, and they yanked on my wedgie. I drank all the gallons, and they stung me up again, even though I REALLY had to pee. It just flowed out, and they were nice and left me there all night. And yes, this is a completly TRUE STORY!

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    Night of my life.

    Some girls invited me to their house for a sleep over abd they were really popular but I was not.. I knew something was up but went anyway. When I got there it was normal but after their parents went to bed it all changed. The girl who invited me Nikki started running her mouth and saying I was a b**** and should be punished. So here and her friends stripped me and put me in a bra connection wedgie, whch is very painful so I was helping but eventually stopped. Then they said they forgot somethng and undid it so I was relieved but not for long.. Bre one pfthe other girls went to the kitchen and came back with a carton of eggs and sour cream. They stuck two eggs in my panties and rubbed sour cream all in my bra. They then put me back in a bra connection wedgie and the eggs smushed all over my pussy and the sour cream froze my nipples.. And it burned, but then they took off their thongs and bras(there is 3 of them) and put me in more bra connection wedgies regular and reversed.. It was the worst night of my life and the next mornng and went home but never told anyone because it was sooo embarrassing.

  4. #24
    okay one night, my parents were out of town and my sister decided that she wanted to have some she tackled me down and tied my hands and feet together.she then wispered in my ear,Get ready for some fun. she picked me up and threw me on her bed.she used another rope to tie my hands to the bed post. she even tugged on my underwear a little to give me a clue on what was going to happen. she kept me there for about an hour, when her friends came over. she brang 9 of them. 4 boys, inclung her crush, and 5 girls.the boys were in a different room when the girls came in.when i saw them, i said "what are you doing?!", when one of them put duck tape on my mouth. 3 of them, then took off my pants and underwear, and replaced it with 3 super stretchy boxers that the boys brang over. they undid the duck tape and my sister told me:"pick a number through 1 and 25." i said "19". she then took out a peice of papper. "number 19 is the messy hanging."she smiled and brought the of them were holding a carten of eggs. he opened up the back of the boxers and sowed his of them took out an egg and put it deep in the boxers.each of them put an egg in different places as i struggled.after 20 minutes of srugglig, they were done. my sister let her crush pull first,a nd he was strong. he picked me up by the back of my underwear, and carried me outside.the eggs had already cracked, wich made the wedgie sting even more. wen we were outside, he climbed on a ladder, and hung me high above th ground. by now, i was crying.i looked down and i was about 10 feet off of the ground. the took out there cameras and took a lot of pictures. they left me thre for about 1 hour and 45 min., withsomeone watching me for when i would fall. i fell on some pillows when he yelled to his friends. everyone came done, and the person watching me put his hands into my pants and pulled out the remaining boxers. they caried me up and the girls put 10 thongs on me. then they hung me on a tree, in a park. to make it worse, 5 of the thongs were melvin, and 5 were not.then they invited a lot of people from my school, including my crush to take pictures and pull on my legs. then, my sisters crush dared my crush to take off my clothes and hide them. he took off my
    clothes and when he took off my pants, he squeezed one of my but cheeks. they left me there, and i was hanging for like 3 days(weekend), when i had to run home myself. the next day at school,the pictures where everywhere, and everybody kept on wedgeing me. now, i get about 20 wedgies a day, which 5 of them are hanging.

    my life is terrible.

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    Heart New brother wedgie

    hi, i'm six teen, my brother is one year older, and my sister is one year older the him, just to make this story clear, i'm short for my age, and so is my sister emma, nicholas is taller for his age, but he is my step brother. one time i was walking to my room, with my friends connor and casey. then i said i would brb, so i went down the stairs, and accidently tripped on a dog toy, and slammed into nicholas. he was pissed off, i spilled his drink all over him. so i decided to run (we both do track and are the fastest runners on our age group team) he grabbed me pinned me on my belly, and reached into my paints, revealing my boxers waistband, he slowly lifted them up, then he yanked, when they were up to my neck, they started ripping a bit, he didnt care, so he got them over my head, tied me up, and threw me into a close it, then he came back, ( with my girl friend ) she started laughing, took pictures, when i got it off my head, she said i looked cute in a wedgie, kissed me, and pulled them over my eyes. nicholas later took pictures, put them on youtube ( thankfully it got canceled ) then emma heard me saying eep ( because it hurt ) she got kevin ( her boyfriend ) and he whammed nicholas in the face. unfortunitly they forgot about me, i was stuck in there for a week with an atomic wedgie, nicholas calls it a hat.

  7. #27
    Hi my name is Katherine and I am 17 years old. This was one of my first days working at stride rite. I woke up that morning and headed to my underwear drawer. Inside their were only a few clean pairs left and they were ones from when I was like 14. I ended up picking out a purple pair. I pulled them up and immediately I could feel the tightness. I bent over to pick up my pants and my panties gave me a wedgie. I picked it out. I drove myself to work very nervous because I didn't know anyone. I walked in and I met the manager Ashley. She seemed pretty nice. Anyway throughout the day I kept dropping boxes and having to bendover. I kept bending over and my panties were way up my butt after bending over like 3 times. I couldn't pick it either cause I was sure one of my Coworkers would see. And I had the greatest urge to pick it. I could tell that ashley was getting really madbecause I was dropping all the boxes. Soon she started to follow behind me checking my progress. I dropped a box and bent over. My panties must have been over the top. Because she shouted nice wedgie katherine and put her hands down my pants and pulled up my purple panties for everyone to see.

  8. #28
    Hi my name is Katherine and I am 23 and 5 foot 7 and blonde. I woke up one morning and realized I had to go to work. The first thing I did was take a shower. When I got out I opened up my underwear drawer to find only a few pairs of underwear that were clean. But they were all old and a bunch of sizes too small.eventually I chose a pink pair of bikini panties.I tried them on and emediately felt their tightness. I bent over to pick up my skinny jeans for work and my panties rode up my butt and gave me an annoying wedgie. I put on my my skinny jeans and shirt and drove myself to work. This was one of my first days working at stride rite. I was really nervous because i didn't really know anyone. I walked into the and was greeted by a girl named Ashley. She was also blond but taller than me and probably about 21. She seemed pretty nice. She started me off by working boxes. Well anyway I was really nervous and I dropped a box and picked it up. This gave me a pretty good wedgie and I couldn't pick it because it's hard in jeans and I was sure someone would see me do it and that's the last thing I need. So throughout the day I kept dropping boxes and my wedgie just kept getting worse and worse with every time I bent over. I had such a wedgie at this point but I wasnt going to pick it because ashley was headed my way. She said she was going to watch my progress to see how I was doing. Of course this making me nervous I continued to drop boxes.Ashley was getting very mad and all I cared about was my wedgie. At this point is was almost sure she could see my wedgie. A few moments later when I dropped a box my panties must have been over my jeans because she then said nice panties Katherine. O looks like a wedgie too. I quickly pulled my shirt down and kind of giggled a bit. Then she ordered me to go work cash register. Again she watched my progress. I crouched down to get a hanger off one of the bottom shelves and without me hearing Ashley snuck right behind,then I heard her still got that wedgie huh. Then I felt hands touch my back and then my underwear. Then I was lifted out of my position and was on my toes. I screamed only bringing more attention to myself. She held the wedgie almost at my head for about 5 seconds then let them snap back into place. I was so embarrassed.

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  10. #30
    Okay so my friends(girls) were playing truth or dare with me (boy) and it was my turn and i love dares so i picked dare. So they think for a little bit. the say to find a stable hook. this all takes place at my house. so they asked me where i keep the hot sauce. i said on the refrigarator door. so they grab that and came to the hook with me. on the count of 1... 2... 3.... they grabbed my boxers and hung them on the hook. (never ripped btw) then they did the unexpected. they took the front of my boxers and pulled them over the top and hung em there. so now im hanging here still wondering what the hot sauce is for and then the open the bottle and pour half in the front and half in the back. i thought nothing of it at first but after 5 or 10 mins I was burning terribly. I was screaming as loud as i could and the just sat there and watched me burn (thats alright because i like the way it hurts hahah jk thought of that song) and they said until the game is over i have to stay there. it was the worst wedgie ive ever experienced. SO BEAT THAT

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