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    Hey dude who is thirteen! I like getting wedgies too. I hang myself in my dads underwear though cause I don't want to ruin mine. Its so fun. I like haning frontal ones the best.

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    Gun wedgie revenge

    saturday i had two of my friends over and we all started playing video games till around 1am and i was tired and i went to sleep. worst mistake i ever made. once i was asleep my friends tied my hands and my feet. then they hung me by my underwear from a coat hanger in my basement and it was giving me a horrible wedgie and they left me there for about 15min and then they took me down just so they could give me a hanging melvin. the next day they took me down. i was so pissed i decieded to get revenge. so i asked my older brother if he would help me and he said sure. then me and him both waited outside for my friends. becuase they always like playing outside. once they got outside me and my brother ran out and wedgied them. then we tied their hands and feet. and gave them hanging melvins from trees. and duck taped their mouths so they couldn't scream. and me and my brother went inside and watched t.v. my friends somehow got down from the trees and they wedgying me and told me if i tried to get them back or told on them they would do this 100 times worse every day. they still wedgie me everyday but i don't tell anyone becuase they would really hurt me.

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    Headphones Aww i feel sorry for you!

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    well i was at a party and i wasnt the most popular. I mean seriously! I was confused when the most popular football players invited me to there 3 night party. I was the nerd of the school...... well mentally, noone had ever phsically hurt me. nut i said yes and went to this party..... i wish i hadnt..... i was their chew toy, their fun thing to messs with.... FOR 3 WHOLE DAYS!!!!!! The kids parents were out of town and so they had nothing to worry about. AS SOON as my mom had dropped me off and gave me 3 kisses fro the 3 days i would be fone and left, all hell broke lose.
    I was tackled to the ground and at first i thougth it was just a joke. Not when they picked me up with the worst snears on their faces. The each grabbed a side op my underpants as i kicked and struggled but the quarter back had finished tieing my hands and feet together. One player had my front two others took a side and the strongest player........ TOOK THE BACK. And then they messed with me........ litteraly. They tickled me and poked me,, not giving me the wedgie yet. And then it came. Sadly, i was wearing very strong tidey whiteys..... so the whole time they didint rip! The swung me in the air by this wedgie nad then they all let go except fro the person holding the back.
    "Lets have some fun" he snickered as he lifted me up, almost over his head! and swung me. I screamed like a sissy and it hurt the most when they saw the leg holes of my undies. They untied my arms just to stick one each through the opposite leg hole and then they retied them. MY struggling was useless and everytime i struggled now i gave myself a wedgie which they found hysterical. AS they all left to go out and eat pizza they suck him on a hanger over the shower.
    "If you wiggle yourself loose, u'll fall into this" he snickered revealing that the tub was full of jelly, "And that would be one messy wedgie.
    So i didnt struggle..... and tehn they came back and took me down but only pulled on my undies up higher which made my arms hurt cause they were still in the leg holes. So when the undies were forced over my head they made me sleep in it where they all could watch/ it was embarassing as hell. They undid me the next day so i could est breakfast.... then they forced me to put a spedo on...... but i was confused..... and then they hung me off the roof and the spedo was so strong that it didnt rip..... but people started complaining so they took me down and hung me by his ceiling fan....... (rite about then i was wishing i weid more)
    and so i spun in a spedo wedgie........ and the wedgies got worse and worse and they FORCED ME to where a thong and get a wedgie, damn how can girls where those?
    And so i hung in my tidey whiteys forthe next day crying and getting pulled on..... and i never tole anyone for i would be the most embarrased kid on the planed...... and sadly... everyday at school they give me a wedgie and tell me that if i pick it out... they'll have another party
    ok andlast wedgie story, after their party, they wedgied me in front of my whole first period when the teacher left, it was a chair wedgie an i stayed like htat the whole class and everytime they win a game (which is always) i get a flagpole wedgie, yeah its possible to actually go up a flag pole
    so yeah my life sucks and is full of wedgies and id like to see anyone elses story BEAT THAT!
    Aww I feel really sorry for U! :'(

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    Feb 2010
    Maryland Hyattsville

    Bad Family

    One Time I Forgot to take out the trash my mom got mad took my laptop and gave Me a atomic wedgie I Think I Have A Bad Family

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    Battery nasty wedgie

    this is what happened to me a little while ago.i was walking home from school with my friends(theres a field near the route we take)one of my friends kate whispered somthing to laura.sudenly they boat ran at me. they pined my to the ground and gave me a wedgie.they took me up to a fence were they hung me by my uderwear.what the heck? i screamed.its payback for last week remember said kate.last week i had been messing around saying that i could do somthing that she didnt like so i gave her a swirly.kate had been furious.i knew that this would make the wedgie a whole lot worse.they took me about a melvin or maybe even a atomic wedgie said laura.laura held me down while kate pulled my pants was nearly up to my neck before it started ripping.the band went over my head.please stop i begged.hmm lets see what you said while you were giveing me a swirly oh ya you just laughed and continued!and about that melvin..said kate as she grabbed the front of my uderwear.your not very good friends i said.well then we might as well not be friends said kate.suddenly laura and kate started taking my clothes and hiding them.i was left with only my ripped uderwear and bra.I knew what i had said would have made the wedgie even longer.kate went over to her backback. rumagged throuugh it for a while and found some duckdape and a pair of briefs(proberly from swim class)she made me put them on and then they hung me from my uderwear agiain.laura got out her camera dont wait...stop come on i gonna send them to every one i know said laura.they then left me there evientily my uderwear snapped and i managed to find some of my clothes but from that day on me laura and kate were enemies.and i got a wedgie or swirly form em every day until i moved school.

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    My wedgie story

    I went to a classmate who has invited me (it was the first time he did so and i wondered why he invited ME, I knew nothing about him exept of the name). But later I should know who...his parent's were away and the thought this would be be a good day to treat somebody: HE INVITED 15 (!!!) of his friends (both boys and girls) and as I entered the house the grabbed me, taped my mouth and took all my clothes exept of by boxers.
    At first, they placed me next to them and talked and laughed together. I thought, this was it, but I assure wasn't!

    Some time later, the girls left and 7 boys stayed with me. They said they would do 3 challenges with me and if I survived all of them, they let me go. (I KNO; THIS SOUNDS AS IF IT WAS INVENTED, BUT BELIEVE ME: IT' NOT!)
    The first was a melvin (front wedgie). The mean guy who did it pulled me front up six times and it hurted like hell! Aferwards, I should relax for some time to be prepared for the next challenge. This was no wedgie, it was just mean. They send me to the toilet room and told me to put on 7 pairs of thighty whities over my boxers. Idid this and then two of them hold my arms and my legs tight so that I was sitting on the grund while the others took some balls and threw them at me: You got ponits if you he my belly, but even more you got if you hit in the...I think you know where...between the legs. And I can assure you...they liked this game. But those Stupid guys had another idea.

    I'm not small for my age of 14...but I am very light. So they took a rope and bound my legs and my underwer's holes, 5 of them hold the end of the rope and then they hung me out of the window (they were in the 1st floor; ALL I FELT WAS PPPAAAAIIINNN!!!) and pulled it up and down. The other two of them were outside in the garden (im so happy that there were no streets on this side of the house) and took photos. After some minutes, he lowered me to the ground.
    I thought this pain was finished, but it wasn't. One of the "photographers" untied the rope while the others came down into the garden. They made me undress 5 of my whities and I sat down on the ground. One of them untaped my mouth. And then, one of them sat behind me, placed his feet to my hips, grabbed the waistband of the 2 remainig whites (und those were still my boxers) underwear and PULLED SO HARD THEY RIPPED! I screamed like a little baby, but with a good reason!

    Afterwards, they were really "friendly": They gave my my clothes back and let me go without hurting me any longer. But I will never forget that day. My balls hurt still today when I think about it!

    And now, BEAT THAT!

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    Check2 What you should do for wedgies resulting in pain and or harrasment with cost over $20

    To any of you recieving these wedgies, the harrasment, and other things on viedo camera, if it is as bad as you say, seek an attorney or the DA and sue these bullies for all there worth. Your revenge is done in court, and you can have officier protection or wittness protection programs. Also if damage is done seek medical attention while contacting an attorney.

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    Gun edgie

    i got one but i was dare i will tell it tomarow

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    Gun wedgie big sister

    i am and i lve wedgie but one time my big siter five me one on a tree it hurt and i am a girl and peopel saw me same person it hurt so badly

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    Gun i want to share but wait

    hey yall dont do it

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