I had depression for many years, but I've finally worked my way out of it.

However because of years of not caring about myself I got fatter and fatter and unfit... at my worst I weighed almost 130 kilos, but I lost 20+ kilos through cutting out the crap and sodas and eating more vegies and generally healthy.

I now weigh 107 kilos and I am 170cm tall (so I am obese). I seem to be stuck at this weight.

I am very unfit after being inactive for so long, but 3 weeks ago I started walking for 45 mins (at a brisk pace) every day - my heart rate is up and I am stuffed by the end of it (I walk up and down hills too).

I will work this up to an hour as I get fitter and probably try to do it twice a day. I also do 30 mins of fitball or pilates for toning and general strength and flexibility.

I don't want to do fad diets I just want old fashioned exercise and healthy eating.

I changed my diet too, instead of toast for breakfast I now make muesli and I use to have a peanut butter sandwich for lunch but now I have salads and wraps (basically something with lean meat, vegies and good carbs) plus I eat healthy for dinner. I don't snack because I don't get hungry....

I'm consuming around 1200 - 1400 calories a day, but is that enough? I don't seem to be losing weight so I'm wondering if maybe I'm not eating enough?

I don't eat any bad foods, I even cut out coffee. All I drink is water and some times tea.