paranoid? my girlfriend is 16 and in tenth grade when she was in fifth she was diagnosed with bipolar disease. they perscribed her to 30mg adderall xr. she eventually got better over the years and stopped taking it. then we got together and i was talking about what it could do to you if you ake one and your not diagnosed with any disease or medical case. so she took a 200mg caffeine pill and an old adderall xr 30mg. then a few hours later she took another adderall. she called me a few minutes ago and said she had got up from the computer chair and immediatly fell over and could not move her mom asked what she took and she told her. she evntually came out of her non moving state farely quikly but now her head feels numb and she move very well her mom was going to take her to the hospital but my girlfriend is paranoid and thinks she will be fine once it wears off and swears to never take it again. i want to know what caused this and is there anything we can do to help the state that she is in.