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Social anxiety/16 11th grade*sigh*?
Ok well I turn 17 next month and have a problem

It all started in 6th grade when I moved schools all of a sudden I got all quite and acted funny in public.

I'm not "shy" but I walk and feel funny in schools,it feels like every or watching me and a big weight just comes over me,I have some friends but you guys should know how hs is or was.

I'm afraid I'm going to graduate with out meeting new people and what not,I also have a hard time keeping a convo going espically with girls.

See I feel normal at home like the wright is off My shoulders and walk normal and way not,I was an a b student in middel school but hs fled me up I'm not doing so good,I feel down alot and stress and growing gray hair

please help is this social anxiety and what can I do?