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    Skin Bumps with hard white centers?

    I have scoured the internet, but cannot find anything to what I'm experiencing. I get hard bumps (pimple like) on my face, bikini line, buttocks, underarms, that are only rarely red, but if i don't touch them they'll remain there forever. Why? Because they have a hard, white content that I must actually use tweezers to excise. They will not go away any other way. The white mass resembles milia, but milia are free floating, whereas these are attached . It leaves behind a small crater until it heals, but once removed, the bump finally goes away. There is no pus or fluid associated with them either. The ones that appear everywhere else except for my face, usually have a trapped hair. I don't take any medications or oral contraceptives, but when I approached one derm, she looked at me like i was nuts, and the other said it was acne. I've never heard of acne being just a bump without any inflammation and containing a hard white center that you need to literally pluck out. Please help! There must be someone else who has or knows of this.

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    i know all too well

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    have you had any luck finding any more info? These sound like what my daughter has too, they started on her bum cheek & are slowly multiplying (over the last year...) they are whitish opaque & when I pop them a big white ball comes out that if looked at super closeley & slitely squished looks like califlower... gross I know but I have been trying to figure out what they are. also they do seem to be affected by heat, a warm bath, or just a super hot summer day seems to make them get really red & burst with a puss-y filling. would be interested to know if this sounds like yours & if you have had any diagnosis?

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    it sounds like ingrown hair. if you can see hair, it is definately an ingrown hair.

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    Flower Blue white balls under skin of scabs that dont heal

    i have the identical problem it started on my forearm and now has spread to my thighs buttocks neck and face they start as a small red blotchy mark that has a small head of puss that is easily removed but then the mark does not heal and scabs over when i remove the scab a white piece can be seen and although attached can be removed with tweezers which causes the wound to bleed alot if however the white thing is not removed it sinks back into the skin and will only reappear when the scab dries up and brings it back to the surface of the skin
    occasionally if the wound heels many months later a white bump can be felt under the skin which if the skin is pricked with a pin and squeezed a hard white ball pops out unattached
    i have suffered from this for the last 4 years and have experienced it on my face for the last 2 years which gets me down if anyone has any treatment or advice or has suffered from these symptons please post on here thanks

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    um, i have this problem too =\
    all over my body even on my back. and near my chest area. and now there are giant skin balls? on my skin =\. and theres nothing inside of it.. just a white giant bubble. but on my arm theres tons and tons of these.
    and doctors seem to not know what it is =\
    but recently all of the bumps in my skin are clearing up
    this might help,
    i installed a soft water system all around the house. and after 3 months of using the soft water system, my arm has less of those bumps and scars are removing and it is slowly becoming smooth again.

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    Try "Molluscum Contagiosum". You'll need to look at a variety of photos, since some are extreme cases and some are very mild cases. The mild cases may resemble what you have. My children have had some of these bumps, and when scratched the white litte "fatty" ball comes out. It did seem like they spread...and come to find out they do. I suspect they got them from dad. I've never had one, but dad still does and I occasionally see them on the kids.

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    my daughter has something similar. the hard white center does not come out easily, (not easily expressed). my dermatologist says its molluscum contagiousum which is contagious and spread thru direct contact, swimming pools, and sharing baths. my 2 daughters do all of that, and only one has it!

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    I have been experiencing the same things. I am trying to figure out what it is too. It started a few months ago and seems to be triggered by stress alot. My dr gave me some perscription RosaCha but I am not sure that it even helps. Mine doesn't look like the pics of the Molluscum Contagiosum. They don't get red. They start out like normal pimples you can't "pop" and scabe over if you try to get the hard middle out. Anyone know any suggestions on what to look for?

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