Everytime I try to think or talk to someone I get very stressed. I cannot think. There is like a random thought that is somewhat on topic, and it stresses me out. It is like im not finding the thought, but it just comes out of my mouth anyway. It is becoming so distressing. My mind has become really wacky and my sense of humor is becoming very wacky and very immature. I feel like a different person. I dont know why, but it is causing me so much distress that I dont see myself getting out of it. I have lost my sense of self.

I have been on zoloft for 8 years since I was 13. I dropped down on it 5 months ago, but went back up 1 week ago.

I dont know that this problem can be fixed, it causes me to have suicidal thoughts. I dont know if there is a phyciatrist or therapist on earth that will ever be able to understand this problem.

the problem seems that it goes so far down to the core that the medication cant help

is it really possible to come back from this?