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    My wife masturbates while I am sleeping?

    I am a deep sleeper usually, but about a month ago I woke up with my fiances fingernail lightly touching my knee. I could tell she was masturbating and later felt light vibrations and heard some heavy but quiet breathing. since then when im in bed i will "fake" sleep as I will turn my head away and do a bit of a snore type thing. once i do this at night she starts up, initially i would be thinking so much i couldnt is real subtle if i hadnt felt her touch me previously i probably wouldnt even notice it. the crazy thing is when i would first fake sleep i would lay there for HOURS with her doing this i mean one night she couldnt have gotten more than two hours of sleep between 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM! in a way it kind of turns me on, and at first my heart would race a little. now i fall back asleep but each time i wake up at night i will feel the vibrations from her hand on herself. Do you know any women who masturbate at night like this? Our sex life is good but this confusing?

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    I think you have it better than most. A good sex life and you get to watch her masturbate, I wish I could trade you. My wife says she has no desire for sex with anyone and that she doesn't get aroused anymore. It cold be she(my wife) is going trough the change. She masturbates fro most of the night as well but when asked she denies it. if she stop loving on you then you might have a reason to worry. Seek ye peace and ye shall find it.

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    my wife does the same she waits till she thinks i am asleep she sometimes nudges me to make sure but I pretend to be asleep then she will spread her legs and masturbate sometimes she gets carried away and the bed rocks quite a lot if i pretend to stirr she will stop and wait until she thinks i have settled again then resume . I sometime hear a slopping sound as well this gets me so excited .

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    I dont think your wife knows that she is masturbating. It could be that she is doing it subconsciously. I once woke up to my gf masturbating as well. However, as I laid down there peeping at her from the side, I realised that she is grinding her teeth and masturbating. I got pretty hot so I got right up beside her. I was surprised that she has her eyes closed and look like she is sleeping while doing so! I started making love to her, then she suddenly groaned at me saying, "Why are you waking me up in the middle of the night!" Surprised surprised.... sleep masturbating...

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    My wife does it morning noon and night!!!!!! She flat out denies it and i've even called her out on it. We barely have sex, and when i first felt her doing it, i try to work me into the mix thinking she's turned on, but i get the "i have a head ache" or "it's too late i need my sleep". Sheeeesh! I know i'm not an idiot...why not just admit it and move on. I told her not to do it while i'm in bed it's to that point! I told her it was insulting to turn me down then roll over and I asking too much...wheni told her that she FLIPPED!

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    I also noticed my wife masturbating over the last few weeks. We haven't been having much sex since she was sick. But I did notice after we turn lights out she starts to move slightly. At first I thought it was nothing, just her twitching in her sleep. But then I lied awake and it became pretty obvious that it wasn't just twitching, though it was very subbtle. Just slight movements but definitely slow masturbation. She usually starts when I turn away from her. She then turns away as well and then starts. My heart starts racing as I get pretty excited and the lat couple of times I have made myself cum as well.

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    yea, women are bitches, glad I'm not married suckas!

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    billy don't get paranoid!!! if you are in so wondering why don`t you buy a Infra Red camera and spy on her? C`mon man don`t be so shy, try to get in her game late at night when you feel her masturbating try to touch her gently on her hips and then you`ll get a reaction from her try to touch her!!!

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    I have never been so excited in my life when last year my missus started her whole clitoris rubbing in her sleep. It really was magic. She woke me up with her movements, rubbing against my leg. I turned round which made her turn round and then I started to drift back to sleep only next thing I know she was laying flat, legs akimbo and slowly flicking her bean. I was so horny I cum without having to touch myself - she was doing it for at least an hour mind. I spoke to her about it and she had no recollection. She does it most nights now and itd great to watch and hold and be involve in - we have great sex as well so it's like an extra thing just for me. I have started to hold her through the night just lately and that seems to have calmed things down in case anyone wants a remedy. Even that is absolutely fantastic because every now and then my missus will use my hand to masturbate!!! That really is interesting. Have fun.

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    wow. your story sounds exactly like mine. I kinda wish it didn't. It confirms my suspicions. I do the same thing. I just lay there quietly with my heart racing wanting to say something; but feel that if I'm wrong it will cause drama. I not sure what to do. I have a nice size member so I figured I was satisfying her; but maybe not. Oh well!

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