hello if anyone has enough knowledge do solve my case.
I am 20 yr old now. I am experiencing increased light and air sensitivity in my eyes for 2 yrs now.
I have swelling below my lower eyelid that fluctuates more when I do computers for a long time.
2 yrs back I had no such swelling ( at that time I rarely used computers but now I am using computers a lot, just mentioned it thinking it might be useful)
My eyes hurt and water on exposure to strong light and air.
the swelling below my lower eyelid has some very small white raised dots in the swelling towards the medial side of each eye swelling that are visible only from close distance when I see In mirror also some of my friends have told me about it.)
Can you tell what is the condition as I am really frustrated with it, even with my spectacles on ( optical no--- 0.75 in each eye that's not much)
I also have presently noted that i have decreased my water intake to 4 glasses a day.
If anybody can come up with some good advice it will be gr8 as i have mentioned every it and bit of my problem.

I have no other problems kidney and liver functions are normal.
By reading on net I am suspecting dry eyes by very high use of computers.
Now u tell what you think about it.
please reply !!!