My eye colour always seemed to be subject to changes in intensity; from dark blue to bright blue, to pale like some of the waters in the Caribbean Sea.
I started noticing, when I was attempting to tame my hair in the morning, that my eyes seemed gray in certain lights, but now they are changing to gray in general. This is nearly a complete change in colour.
This wouldn't sound so incongruous in a wo[man] of 45 +, but I am only 14 years old. My distance eyesight is very, very poor as I suffer from myopia and astigmatism, and within the past 10 months the quality/ability of my eyesight has been depleting quite rapidly (I already need to revise the prescription I got in late August!).

No one else in my family has a noticeably faded eye colour, so is the reason for this just associated with poor eyesight, or possibly stress?
I'm very curious as 14 seems to be an odd age for this to be happening, and I've not heard it happen to any other teenagers.