straight to the point, my tittayz are lopsided, about a cupsize in difference D/DD. lol big whoop, I know everyone's are just a little, yadda yadda, i dont need people telling me they're a nurse and that its normal. whatever. lol *****I exercise regularly, pilates and all that jazz so I'm past the whole "you should exercise, you need a stronger back!" BS, so..none of that please =) lol

i'm thinking of having a reduction on the DD to make it even with the D. however I dont know if its just the DD or BOTH that have been giving me awful, severe lower-back pain for years. I know they'd have to end up cutting both to make them even (yum?) but i dont know if I should just have both reduced? I plan on asking a doctor about the medical aspect of this, but from an aesthetic and normal-people logical standpoint, should it be just the one, or both? (if it were both it would be down to a C).

Thanks =)