ok i went to the doctors today and i got x- rays and he said i just have a strained ligament. he gave me this knee brace. i waited 6 days before i went to the doctors so my knee pain increased alot. i asked my dad if i could get crutched because it hurts to walk. i would use them at school and just use the RICE method at time and he flipped out and said u dint have a broken bone and that i dont need them . i dont know do i need them? i mean at school my friend had crutches and i used them and all the pain just lifted from my knee and i hated it when i had to give it back to her because then i would have to walk on it again. the pain isnt like blinding but it hurts to walk on it most of the time and whenever i sit down i feel my knee like swells up in its brace thingyy. ughh any help would be nice for my questions. and he said that i have to go back in 10 days to see how its doing. but i waited 6 days and i bought a knee brace from the store and the pain just got worse.