I noticed in september that I had a few marks on the back of my hand that looked like bug bites (note I still have those) and one of the lymph nodes on my neck is a bit larger than the one on the other side (although it's not swollen to a size where it's horribly noticable).

One of my testicles periodically swells up (started just this year around Feb or so). but that goes back down after a day or so, so I'm thinking that must not be STD related unless it swells up and stays that way for awhile.

Also, would discharge from gonorrhea be something that's always coming out of your penis? I didn't have anything that seemed suspisious, until I noticed I hadn't touched myself in awhile. I had a discharge that LOOKED like pre, but I'd just question why it'd be coming from me, because like I said, I hadn't touched myself in awhile.

There hasn't been any kind of pain or anything, even from the ball swelling, so I don't know what to think of it.