...minded, to positive suggestions.? During winter weather (months), I am homebound. This is adding to my gross obesity. I have been obese and overweight for thirty years. After being married and having four children I gained weight. I am an emotional eater with an eating disorder. I have limited income, I am on a strict budget. I have a low to the middle level of activity range. Two years ago I lost 130 pounds I was under a doctor and dietican's care. However, The doctor he moved, to a new community. The dietican she stopped seeing me, because, I no longer had the income to pay for visits. Yes, I gained back most of the weight at least 80 pounds. I am not happy about it however I did allow this to happen. I had gone from a size 10x to a size 3x after losing 130 pounds. Now, I am between a size 5x to 7x range in clothing of course this will depend on the clothing name brand and style. I do have a large house, that I clean myself. It often takes one day to clean 2 rooms out of 12