I keep having obscene nightmares over zombies. It is to the severe extent that i no longer can watch or discuss them. I have these horrifying nightmares about 12 times per week. Once i have one during the night, i'm sure to have another as soon as i close my eyes, every single time. its to the point that i am afraid to sleep. i know they are fictional, but i deep down feel that some day soon science will make them happy. everyday i plan out several situations where i can escape from an attack. even right now i'm thinking over what would happen if a zombie walked into this room. i don't know how to get over this phobia, my heart is racing just thinking over this & i know already i'll have several nightmares tonight. i'm only 19 years old and making minimum wage at a veterinary clinic, so i cant afford treatments like hypnoses. PLEASE give helpful advice & not mock me.

**error:: Science will make zombies *happen*