Okay, i'm a 15 year old female and i really want to lose some weight. The things online classify me as "threatened" and " obese" and all those nice words, but my doctor says not to trust those. He said i have a "large frame" so my body supports more weight because i'm "pretty solid", while looking like i weigh less (if that makes any since to you).
I'm 5'5.5 and weigh 210 pounds, which is technically like 60 pounds overweight.
But the doctor said if i lose that much weight ill be dangerously thin and look pretty gross, he recommended i lose 35.
I would define myself as definetly not "chubby", like, id put myself in the "f-a-t" range (i know it sounds mean but-hey.), but i am certainly not in the "obese" category that every website seems to put me in.
Trust me, i KNOW about the less calories- more exercise, but its not as easy as it looks.
I was wondering if anybody out here can help me by starting me on a plan.
I like almost every fruit, and i like some vegetables( not brocolli, cauliflower, mushrooms, olives, or peppers), but i dont eat fish . I'm not much of a red-meat eater, but i love chicken and turkey.
I have full access to a treadmill, dunbells, jump rope, and bench press along with some other things i dont have the names of right now.
If you need more information please please please email me at DaniLyn193@yahoo.com, ill respond ASAP
Please help me !

I'm a size 15 if that helps anybody.
And i'd like to be down to a 9(3 full sizes) by July or so; would that be reasonable?