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    Has anyone had the Mirena IUD fall out?

    I checked a couple weeks ago and could feel my strings. Well I checked again in the shower yesterday and they felt a little longer and when I touched the string it sent a shooting pain through my uterus into my belly. I had my boyfriend check to see if he could feel it because he never could before and he could and the same thing happened (the pain). I was just wondering if anyone had one fall out. Its MLK day so I cant get ahold of my doc. Plus I dont have insurance so I have to go to the womens health center, but again its closed. Im just wondering if it is falling should I go to the ER or will I be ok for a couple weeks until I can get an appoint at womens health? Just looking for some advice. I know I am going to have to go to the doc. Just wondering signs of it falling out, and the risks to me. If I should wait the couple weeks for an appt. Thanks

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    iud fell out while i was in shower, during my period

    i was showering and noticed the IUD string was very low. i wondered if it was falling out so i very gently pulled. OUCH -- i felt a sharp pain. i was having my period so my cervix was dialated and of course slippery with all the mucus and blood. at that point i wondered if it was part in and part out. i gingerly felt inside and there it was - completely out of my cervix. RATS! i really don't want to have another one inserted b/c it was so painful (and i had no drugs during childbirth!) but my husband and i liked the convenience it offered.

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    I was having a lot of pain at the end of my urination and when I felt for my merina it was almost completlt out of me. I have pussed it back up but still having a lot of pain. We were treating it for a UTI, but know I know why the meds are not working. I am gonna call my doctor today and find out if it has to be removed or if he can just get it back in the right spot. I have loved having mine. I only have a very light 2 day period once every 3 months, and I have lost weight. What did your doc do with yours? Did you have to have it removed?

  4. #4
    I had mine for year this month. I had my regular light flow period but then just as I was suppose to be done I started bleeding very heavy (I am talking a super tampon had to be changed every 45 - 60 minutes) with a lot of clots. Five days of this bleeding I passed a large clot and when I got in the shower felt the strings...tugged at them and out it came. I believe it was already out of my cervix and was just sitting between my vaginal walls and also, that the large clot released it from my cervix.

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    I have had 1 marina and one Paragaurd fall out of me. The Paragaurd fell out after 1 1/2 years, and the Marina that fell out was less than 24 hours after insertion. I guess my body doesn't like the idea of having a foreign object inside.

  6. #6
    I am 24 had an iud placed in about 6mths now i was never pregnant but i am a bit concerned about it fallen out like when you are like urinating or maybe in all that clots during my periods how would i know cause i could never feel my strings even right after insertion

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    I have experienced nothing but pain since the mirena was inserted 7 mnths ago. Every time I tried to see the doctor my period would come on or he would not be there or something always came up. I recently started taking antibiotics for my tooth. Since then I feel like I have lost 10 lbs. Not really but my face is not puffy anymore and my headaches stopped. I'm wondering if I got an infection after the thing was inserted and now the meds are helping. Then all of a sudden my period comes on (I just had it 2 weeks ago!) But this is no ordinary period. I have to use 2 pads and plastic on my bed at night. My insurance changed so I can't go to the same GYN that inserted so I went to my PCP but he won't be back in the country for 2 1/2 weeks! OMG! what do I do? I don't know if I should go to the ER or wait. I don't know if the mirena came out or if it was meds side effects. Please if anyone has info please help!

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    i had 2 pregnancies resulting in 2 kids. got mirena 5 1/2 months ago. lighter periods after 4 to 6 weeks of bleeding following insertion. 2 weeks ago started period a little lighter but could be normal with mirena. 7 days later more period. 7 more days and got heavy period. next day get up in morning, go to bathroom and mirena in on toilet seat. saw dr same day. she said this could be normal. maybe my body just would do this. she also said using tampons may have pulled enough on the strings to make it come out. so she put a new one in the same day. i did not have pain with expultion. i asume it happend while i slept and i saw when i got out of bed. better luck with this one. and no tampons for a while!

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    well i have had the same thing happen to me i had the iud in for 5 and a half months and last month the iud was starting to come out i mean my husband told me he felt it and so the next thing io know im pulling it out and man that does not feel to good and after it had came out i had my period for 3 days and that is it and have not had one cents and i dont know what to do

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    I am so glad this post is so recent...I googles it because I am going through the same crap! Like two weeks ago I couldn't find my strings and was experiencing pg symptoms so I got in to the doc quick. She couldn't find them either and they gave me a u/s. No strings anywhere but iud was still in place. Turns out the cramping and stuff I was feeling were the ovulation cysts on my right ovary which went away after I ovulated. So anyway, I started my period on the 20th and my husband and I did the deed the other night and he said he thought he found my strings but that they felt braided at the that he felt a he could slip his finger through it (it it were bigger obviously) he could pull on it. So I checked them and I felt strings alright but they felt really long. I have always checked my strings regularly and now I am concerned. They were alawys perfectly postioned outside of my cervix...then they went they are really long...I think I will be calling my doc tomorrow.

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