Hi, so let me start out by saying I am 19 years old, male, 5'6", about 150lbs. Anyway, so I've never been one for exercise, but over the last year or so I've put on about 15lbs. I am not in shape at all. I am not fat or anything, just not in shape. So I figured I'd try and get in shape.

I figured a good start would be to start running everyday. I measured out a route through my neighborhood that's pretty much exactly 1 mile. I've been running it everyday for the past week. Problem is that I can only get about half way before I can no longer breathe very well and I get a bad cramp, so bad that I have to stop. I wasn't expecting to be able to do It right away (i haven't ran since about 8th grade).

Anyway, I am just looking for some advice.
1) Is what I am doing a good idea.
2) Is there anything I can do to improve on this
3) Are there any other simple exercises I can do that would be good for a beginner like me
4) How often should I run/do other exercises

5) I know it's not a quick process, but about how long is it going to take to see improvement in my running. And what kind of improvements?
6) Any other comments?

Thanks for any help it is VERY much appreciated