Okay, I've had an industrial piercing for about two or three months, it was okay for a while until a couple maybe three weeks ago around the hole nearest my face there's a bubble that formed around the hole. For a while it was the same color as my skin, but now it's kind of red. I popped it a little and only blood came out. I'm sure I shouldn't have popped it but it wasn't changing at all and anyway, let's just move on from there, I'm sure I did something stupid. Anyway, it kind of hurts. I don't know if that means it's infected, it doesn't really seem like that means it's infected, only blood came out, no pus. I just don't want the bubble to make a scar like that or for the bubble to stay there even if I had to take out the piercing, because that would be incredibly ugly. I clean the piercing everyday, and today is the first time in about three weeks that I've taken out the piercing. Any help?