i am not sure if i have bipolar or just plain depression, first off i know i've had depression for the past 3 years, but now it seems to have gotten much worse. i feel empty and bored inside, i cry sometimes for no reason at all. if i think enough my mind can jolt to an extremelyyyy positive feeling that goes thro my body and then im back to a sadden state of mind in a matter of a mins. i do notice that i randomly feel way too happy for a couple hours or very down for a couple hours during the day. for example i might feel absolutly terrible, sad, unexcited, not talkative what so ever during lets say 4th period but then like an hour later i am so happy and smiling and have many things to say. (yes this has happened even today).

i always randomly get irritated, even things like when my mom called me today from work to ask me to look up something on her e-mail, i got incredibly irritated jus b/c she wasnt explaining where to go to get her e-mail, and when i got angry with her she hung up the phone on me. sometimes in those situations i dont feel bad at all like when that happened today, but sometimes i feel so horrible for yelling at someone its on my mind the whole day. theres more but thats just what i wanted to put out