Ok, so 6 weeks ago i sprained my 5th metatarsal bone. I went to urgent care, they did xrays and said nutin was broken. They gave me no crutches, couldn't give me a brace cuz it was that part of my bone, (It is possible to cast it but there isnt a brace made for it) and just told me to take med. That was 2 weeks ago. Its been 6 weeks since i hurt it by jumping on it and landing on my side of the foot. It still swells up and now the pain is goin from the side of my foot to my ankle. Does anybody know whats wrong and what to do? Should I return to the doctors? I cant scrunch my 2 last toes when all my other toes can. I have been wrapping it in an ace bandage and using motrin and icy hot.

Plz i need big help.