For about two weeks now, my Achilles tendon has been bothering me. It is not bad enough that I can't walk on it, but after more than a couple minutes on my feet, it does bother me. The pain is not shooting pain, but rather like a sizzling-tearing feeling.

4 weeks ago, January 20th, I started a pretty intense work-out (going from not working out to a 6-day-a-week plan....Upper Body MWF, Lower Body TRS). I have not taken it easy yet, and actually I did a stupid thing and used the eliptical for 25 minutes two days in a row last Friday and Saturday.

What is going on? Should I go see a doctor, or just stop my lower-body workouts for a week? It hasn't bothered me while normal walking until yesterday and today...

19 years old

185 pounds

Thanks for the help! I can give more information if that helps.