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    Gun Dipshit

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Black people scare me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!
    wow. dipshit. No wonder they dont like us. Its ignorant rednecks like you that make it harder for us to be friends with black people. And the guy who said he ran to check his phone and wallet.......go fuck yourself. You probably already have aids. And you didnt get it from them. Your eyes werent burning from aids. That was the chemicals in the water..... duh duh duh

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    you are an idiot, I am black and i am reporting you to the police, let`s see who is going to laugh on other peoples bill :/

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    You can't be black you stupid negrog. There are NO black people on the internet.
    Besides, he has every right to be afraid and worried. Black people did 9/11.

    And you all speak english like it be dem shit an shit nig..

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    Joypad serious

    mate hope u die with ure aids

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    you dumb bitch no thats not how aids came about. aids was a conspiracy set up by the govt trying to create some type of viral warfare attempt. the tested it on a group of homosexuals thus thats how the spreading began. they couldnt find an anti body that worked on human (now they've fpund the cure but it would ruin the economy now b/c so much money is made off of aids/hiv medicine)

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    you are an idiot, I am a judge and I will sue you, and you can get five years in prison...

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    Junior Member KnightOfTears's Avatar
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    Mar 2010
    South GA
    The way the question is asked is fucking stupid and racist. Second, before posting on an open forum why not use Google and search ways to contract AIDS instead of showing how ignorant you are by making this thread with absurd assumptions.

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    there are lots of black people that are smart, like obama, or martin luther king...

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    Black People scare me !! A black man stole my bike!

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    Flash Damn Racist.

    Ummm, you can only get AIDS from them if they had AIDS. Do you know if they had AIDS? Well if they did (Which they most likely didnt, racist.) did you have sexual intercourse with any of them, of cut your self and run their blood into your cut? Those are the only ways to get AIDS. Blood transfer and Sex.
    Also, your a Punk-Ass-Bitch for even asking such a racist question. Get a life. Just as many whites have AIDS as blacks have AIDS.

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