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    I have them in my nose like in the middle! i pop them and this white dot of stuff comes out? like what are they. im afraid to go to the dermatologist.

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    this is a really great thread; i too have these odd things, mostly on my back and face. i pick them compulsively. Once the skin is broken slightly, I can usually get a hold of it with tweezers... but you have to be careful, as the other post stated, because it will sink back into the skin if you go to fast. What I end up with most of the time is a strange chunk of whiteish-fleshy-squishy-somethin'. sometimes, you can pop them... sometime they are just rubbery, almost tube-like chunks. they bleed profusely, leaving scars.

    i'd like to know more about how long people have had them. i have only had this particular problem for a few years... as I see others have stated. This is very strange.

    My mind jumps to chemtrails, but, perhaps it's something in else in the food/air/water/enviro that we're particularly sensitive too?


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    I have those things on my skin too.I think it came from a seat belt.It started in my forehead and went to my back.Do you have a few a day?

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    I have this exact thing, as described in some of the posts in this thread, mainly on my right forearm. On the inside of forearm about 10-15 of them.

    Tiny dots (smaller than what molluscum contagiousum look on the web pics, and also there is no "dimple" on them, no identation; so I don't think its molluscum contagiousum), sometimes more visible than other times. They are not KP (keratosis pilaris) i'm pretty sure.

    I use my nails and pop out the tiny (1mm or smaller) hard, fat or whatever it is.. its a tiny dot. After this , it bleeds a little .

    This is not a regular pimple, I know pimples. I get pimples on face sometimes, on back and chest sometimes. Those are usual pimples, with puss you can pop, they don't bleed, unless they are very big.

    The raised tiny dots are different. (some of the smaller ones are not really raised, but you can see that there is a white dot under the first layer of skin)

    Does anyone have ideas? I have been looking and looking. Looks like something viral, I don't know.

    If you have any suggestions, please post.

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    Your answer is Fordyce's spots. It is a cosmetic condition only and can be laser treated.

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    Thanks for the input but NO these people do not have Fordyce's spots...not even

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    Both my young boys have had these spots too. My 5 yr old had them on his chest, outside of his armpit and inner thigh. My 4 yr old has a few just on the back of his left knee. They don't seem to care much but those bumps bug me! I haven't seen any pattern due to season or heat or anything. But they do share baths.

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    So has anyone determined what these are? I also have the "zit like" ones, but only on my face. They do not go away until the white hard core is plucked out by tweezers. I agree that if you do it too early it "sucks" in and you have to wait again for it to be ready. It is awful. All of my zits are like this and it takes forever for them to go away........any help would be great. I looked at pics of all the mentioned "conditions" and none of them pertain to me.

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    Me too

    It seems like there are two different conditions being described. I get the small bumps on my face with the hard white center that needs to be extracted with tweezers. (not at all squishy or ball like). Will not go away until the center is removed and leave craters that take time to heal.

    I have recently begun to worry that it could be flecks of bone working up since it only seems be along the jaw bone, brow line and cheeck bones.

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    Lots of issues....few solutions

    It's amazing that this blog is here. I thought I was the only one with these weird things. My derm thought that it was rosacea, and gave me several creams, but none of them worked. The only time they went away is when I was on a strong antibiotic for another reason....but then they came back again.

    Yes, it sounds like people are talking about several different things.....I have the hard white bumps under a scab that don't heal until picked out with a tweezer (sometimes going back in until they surface again). (My daughter has the white bumps on her arms that I think are keratosis pilaris and it's a totally different thing!)

    We need some brilliant derm to find out what these are and get a solution for us!

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