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    I have the same thing and have been told that it's keratosis pilaris. Mine cleared up completely for about 3 months this past winter, but they're back in full force now and making me nuts.

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    I have the same problem. I have had one large bump on my leg, and many above my elbow on my arm. I went to my family doctor who surgically removed the one on my arm and sent it in for testing. He told me it was a little cyst. About a year later another bump grew back in the same place. I just remove them myself now. It's crazy because the white part is like a perfect sphere. I have mostly small pin-point bumps on my arms that my doctor thought was the 'chicken skin' thing. But he is wrong. It are these little white sphere-filled bumps. I hate them!! If anyone has figured anything out please reply. I have lived like this for too long. BTW I looked into the Molluscum Contagiosum and my bumps really don't look like that.

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    it's called keratosis pilaris. There are no known cures for it and 1/4 people have it. Exfoliating helps some people. It just means that your body produces more keratonin. It is not contagious but it does mostly affect your arms, legs, butt, etc..

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    I have Keratosis Pilaris which has similar symptoms "small hard white or yellowish balls in the pore sometimes containing a hair" Keratosis Pilaris is caused when there is a build up of keratin (which is the vitamin that builds hair) in the pore. It's basically a defect in which the keratin ceases to form hair properly and instead just builds up in the pore. Keeping your skin well moisturized and using bodywash containing peroxide helps but it has to be used consistantly. Also, look up folliculitis. It is a skin infection thet causes red bumps that contain a thick silky fluid. Usually your dermatologist can perscribe minocyclene or some other form of antibiotic.

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    I have the same issue on my arms, neck, and occasionally on my face. As another poster stated, mine usually disappear during the winter (October to March), and they return again when the weather starts warming up. I have had these for nearly 10 years and have determined that it is definitely not coincidence that they disappear over the winter, because it happens EVERY year. I just wish I knew what it was and could figure out how to treat it!!! Please post

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    Star Blue Hard Bumps

    About 8 -9 months ago I noticed that my 9ys old son had small hard bumps on his neck. Then it looked like white was was coming out of them. The white stuff was very hard. I try to "pop" the bump to get the white stuff out and I have used tweezers to pull the white stuff out but neither works and hurts my son in the process. Now he has about 10 on his neck. couple on his stomach, collar bone, back and legs. The ones on his neck are worse. It is not Molluscum Contagiosum. Can find any info or pics.

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    Strange skin bumps with hard white centers

    I am a 54 Year old Female & I've had them for over 6 years! if I leave them be, they only grow larger. The small ones (that look like pimples but are not red or inflamed) have something that looks like a hard grain of sand inside & the larger ones have a large solid sand-like chunk that when removed leaves a crater. The interesting thing is, I feel no pain when I cut on the large ones or dig the smaller ones out. It's like the nerves in that area are totally dead! These hard white chunks are not free-floating & have to be dug out, which can be difficult, but if I do not remove the hard centers they only grow larger. Mine are NOT ingrown hairs & they are not red or inflamed. Sometimes they are in a group, & sometimes they are by themselves. The hard center, when removed looks like a calcium chunk & resembles a tiny rock or a large piece of white sand. When I first got them they appeared where the phone rested against my face (where I prop the phone) but now they have spread to my shoulders & other parts of my face! I now clean my phone regularly & am careful of public phones that others also use. At first I thought it was ringworm but I have used every sort of fungus cream made & nothing removes them, not even rubbing alcohol, diluted bleach, daily swimming, Listerine, Vicks (for fungus) Neosporin or any type of acne cream. I always bleach my pillow cases & towels & never share them because I'm nearly certain that these strange things are contagious! WHAT ARE THEY!?!?

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    I have these very same bumps with white looking balls. They have to be dug out as stated in previous posts by others. I have been to so many doctor's and they say they are self inflicted, WHAT. I am not crazy, these are the real thing. I find sun tanning booths make mine shrink or sunshine. I have horrible scares from digging these things out. A doctor I finally found wants a bio but it has to be brand new and not scratched. Well sometimes I can't tell if it is one or just something else. Waiting on one to pop up but I am in the sun a lot right now so no new ones.

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    omg i have the same thing. i can't believe i found this blog. it doesnt look like that disease he mentioned, it is red around the whiteish center, you can pop it by putting fingernails on either side and removing a hard, fatty like squish ball that is somewhat sturdy. its on face, legs, bikkini line and bottom. it sucks ass. can anyone help. also after "popping" them they bleed a lot.

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    I'm sorry others have to put up with this crazy crap but so happy I'm not the only one! I've had this for a few years now and I looked up that condition others were speaking of and its not that. I wish I knew what it was though! I have to perform surgery on my face daily trying to get this damn little white ball of flesh out of the middle of these pimples in order for it to start healing, bcuz leaving it alone DOES NOT WORK it will never go away until the ball is out! Been to Family doc and derm and they just say its acne and give me cream that seems to just make it worse, and when you try to tell them about the ball they think your nuts. I wish I could find a solution, it is painful!

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