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    I've been dealing with this same issue for a few years now. I use a small needle to poke a hole right over top of the hard white thing. Then I use the head of a bobby pin to apply pressure over top and, if its in a less fatty area, it just pops out. Usually with some sort of small hair or fuzz attached. Then it leaves a deep hole and bleeds like crazy. Then it scabs over and heals completely in a week or so.

    I've had the same issue with doctors and dermatologists and nobody I've seen knows...they just guess like we do. Maybe its GMO's causing this. It seems like we all started getting this after mass introduction of GM corn into our food supply. I also got that damn swine flu vaccine. Seems like it started sortly after that. Probably a coincidence but it makes me wonder...

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    I've also had these monsters all over my face, chest and arms for about a year now. Small bumps that get inflamed look like a zit, cant be popped, but if the white "care" is pulled on with tweezers can sometimes be pulled out and bleed like the devil. They make sharp hard scabs and leaving alone does NOT help. then they sometimes spread. Mine have erupted small hard white balls and rice like shapes, they cant be popped and wont "squish". Dr., no help there, I have tried everything, antifungal, anti parasite, acne meds, cortisone, sulfur, tea tree, silver, etc etc, and on and on, nothing helped. Think I MAY have accidentally stumbled upon what this might be. BROMIDE ACNE or HALOGENODERMA. Couldn't find photos that matched but the description in dermnet sure did, the one thing I never tried is what they said might help topically, baby butt paste, ZINC. Been slapping it on these buggers for a week now and they are almost completely gone, A few scabs still but are acting like "normal" scabs, healing and getting smaller but the white "balls" are gone. I haven't gone a week without one of these things popping out of my skin or a scab since this all started, so Im optimistic. Just wanted to post in case this might help someone else, these are frustrating beyond belief and have made me almost into a hermit I look so awful. K

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    My son (5 yrs old) seems to have the same things, did you ever figure out what they were?

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