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    love it!

    Its funny reading some of these posts. Some of you guys I agree with and some I don't.

    My wife and I met when she was young (19). she is now 27 and is an avid masturbation fan. When she was young she wouldn't do it much. apparently she never had a desire during her teenage years to explore her body and wasn't really much of a fan of masturbating. As the years have gone on though she has become increasingly more sexual and more interested in masturbating. Personally, I love it. I tell her to do it whenever she wants, however she wants. She'll do it while I watch a lot before we have sex. She'll do it now at random times like when I'm outside mowing the yard. She'll do it in the shower or right after a shower. I stay up late and she goes to bed early. She has told me that she masturbates sometimes when she goes to bed early. I know this is true because I've listened outside the door before and heard her doing it. This brings me to my favorite way that she does it and that is when she thinks that I'm asleep.

    It is so hot when she does it like that. She will usually wait until I am asleep and then start removing her pajamas. This is usually what wakes me up but I pretend to be asleep. She'll usually start of by playing with her breasts and then slide her and down to masturbate. It is so hot because she tries so hard to be quiet. She'll go at if for about 5 minutes or less (she cums really fast). Usually she's on her back and will crane her head up and shake the bed a little and breathe heavily when she cums. I love watching her do it when she thinks I'm asleep. I look forward to it. We have a great, healthy sex life but I love that she loves to wank so often, it is a big turn on for me.

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    Glad i came her the whole thing worries me.

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    oh yeah been there guys. she sometimes is at it so strong i can hear her almost out of breath. the sound of the juices makes me wanna go nuts. i can hear her softly moaning til it rises to almost a cry to orgasm. faster her hand will move till i cant stand it any more. she is fast asleep and not aware i'm enjoying this show. she will actually play with her nipples as her other hand makes love to her. i get so hard as i stroke my++++ it it almost unreal. sometimes i can suck her nipples and then roll over to make love before she awakens. even if she does she enjoys it.

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    I did a search on this because I thought my wife was doing this one night and I have kept an eye on it since that night. It happens maybe 1 to 2 times a week that I know of. Just in the last week or so I have absolutely confirmed that she is masterbating. At first I was not sure as it is very subtle and quiet, but the last couple of times I've heard her climax and she is definitely awake during all of this. During my research I found some women do this at night while they are sleeping so I was not sure at first. Well, last night she must've had a really good orgasm because she moaned really loud but tried to cover it up with a cough.

    To be honest, I'm very turned on by this..... we have sex enough where it doesn't bother me. I'm to the point where I think she wants me to catch her. Not sure yet. She has masterbated for me before as part of foreplay, but she always wants me to finish the deal when she does.

    So far I've always pretended I was sleeping, but like I said it seems to have become more intense and I think she wants me to notice.

    I will post more later.

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    Hello this post is so exciting . It happens the same with my fiancee , she's 30 and I'm 43.
    The exact same thing , I pretend I'm sleeping and she starts to rub

    I just want to add that as I get used to it , and can control my breath and not to wake her up
    I sometimes have managed to get closer to her right hand with my left hand slowly towards.
    her right hand till I almost touch it and can feel it rubbing under the cover ...

    , this is the ultimate stage of the excitment that all this situation has taken me into
    For some time I've been into this and NEVER talked about I to her .
    Despite all this training sessions jejejeje , every single time my heart go out of control and
    I barely can control my breathing ....

    My strategy is not to screw it and give it up that I know everything ,
    and from time to time every let's say two or three nights interval and I like fake
    I wake up spontaneously , go to bathroom quick and come back , then
    I go like slowly towards her , touch her in some way to show I'm interested and when she approaches
    I got so out of control and the sex is soooo crazy with me like an animal desperately kissing her like it was my firt time
    We never like talk about it , its like a secret I don't know she maybe thinks that
    I now it , so I try really hard to control myself so she is really confident that I don't
    Know nothing about it , because this is so marvelous I don't want to loose it never.

    So my advice is play the game , it will be a lot of fun

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    Update from my earlier post #24:

    My wife does this both lying on her stomach or on her back. I don't think she realizes it but she shakes the bed quite a bit during her thing. I've also felt her snuggle up next to me a couple of times while doing it. That alone has woken me up and I enjoyed everything after that!!

    I've not only heard her moan quietly a couple of times but I've also heard her actually rubbing her pussy.

    I still cannot say anything to her...She would be embarrassed if she knew that I knew. Like I said in a previous post she has masturbated for me before but she always wants me to finish the job.

    For those of you concerned about this behavior I wouldn't be unless you suspect something like cheating. I don't think that at all.... I'm almost positive this is a stress relief for my wife. Sometimes she has trouble sleeping because of work and I think this helps her.

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    I still cannot say anything to her...She would be embarrassed if she knew that I knew. Like I said in a previous post she has masturbated for me before but she always wants me to finish the job.

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    LOL put the pieces together you losers. Your wives are masturbating while you sleep because you suck in bed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    wow. your story sounds exactly like mine. I kinda wish it didn't. It confirms my suspicions. I do the same thing. I just lay there quietly with my heart racing wanting to say something; but feel that if I'm wrong it will cause drama. I not sure what to do. I have a nice size member so I figured I was satisfying her; but maybe not. Oh well!
    I know, why masturbate when your partner is keen to be involved? I notice a previous comment about sex being complicated and a quicky on your own serves as a bit of a release, I understand this but surely if you've got the horn its better to share?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    LOL put the pieces together you losers. Your wives are masturbating while you sleep because you suck in bed.
    What a dickhead response, I bet you're in your 20's and without a clue to the bigger picture

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