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    I know this thread is a little old but...

    I have the same experiences with my wife man it's some hot stuff!

    I also found out by accident and started going to bed and pretending to sleep but facing her on the edge of my pillow near her.

    She would get going soon after confirming I was asleep with a nudge. When she would orgasm it was pretty obvious as the bed would jitter. Nice feeling.

    I started to become a-tuned to her masterbation pattern (i.e. time of night). When she would start I added my own groans (as though I was having a sexual dream as in an in-direct result of her masterbating), made sure I had a juicy hard on. She would then slowly feel down there and confirm then leave herself and start jerking me off. I added a few dry humps to also suggest (you would be surprised what you can get away with while you 'sleep').

    Later this developed into full-on sex, while I 'slept' but to make it real I made a point to 'wake up' on orgasm with surprise and 'unable' to hold it back. I would deny to her that I felt her during and that only at the end I woke up.

    This turned her on like Chirstmas lights!!

    I got more sex this way and the bonus was yes, I was awake and she didn't know :P

    It moved on to blow jobs (which was rare for her), and she also used my hands on herself a few times when they were on her thighs.

    So to play it all the way guys, just be in such a convenient position and don't be affraid to groan about your fake sexual dream which happens to be at the same time she is playing

    Your wife will become less shy during this time, so much fun.


    They do this often when they have had very good sleep during the week. If they have been going to bed too late and not sleeping well then forget it! My wife is sick now the last week having trouble sleeping due to chest infection and she has not done anything lately.


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    Bomb gf masturbating

    my gf is addicted to masturbation...she would masturbate in double digits on an average day. so far it seems really exciting to think that eventually when we are have a hell of a blast sex life..but sometimes it worries me that what if she gets attached to masturbation only and having sex with me won't rock her boat.... hmmm only time will tell... i mean i rather have her have sex with me all the time..until i can't do anymore...and then she can masturbate all she wants... but if she puts sex 2nd and masturbation No.1 than im screwd for sure.

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    Junior Member soulshine68's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    It looks like a few Gents are in the same situation as I am. My wife and I have been married for 21 years - we are both just 41. Our sex life has been always hit & miss. I have had many conversations with my wife about her lack of sex drive and what can be done to improve it as 1-2 times a month really doesn't work for me. These conversations are never angry or accusatory on my side but her replies always very angry and very short. We have had issues which have arose that required marriage counseling which came at her request that I gladly went to without resisting. A few of them resulted in the therapist advised her to not be so controlling. 8 -9 years ago I went through an extended dry spell of a month or two and just figured to just roll with it. One evening I woke up to use the bathroom and my wife wasn't in bed...I noticed a glow coming from the living room and went to investigate. I discovered her humping the floor, completely out of control. I interrupted her with a comment something like, "Are ya having fun" with a smile - she was very angry I walked in on could have been embarrassment too...I can't recall. I expressed that I was hurt by this but also asked if I could help with anything, would she like to pick up some toys or whatever...her reply was simply "no". A day or two later I mentioned that I would be open to anything she might be interesting in trying sexually but again they reply was short & angry. Over these last years since then I have consistently asked if she would like to stop by adult stores for toys, clothing, etc - no pressure from me...some things have improved, others have stayed the same. Over the last year or so there have been occasions where I have woke up by what I thought was the bed kinda shaking but blew it off & went back to sleep. The last month or so has been slow again sexually - I mention it again with the same 'ol replies. Monday of this week I was lucky enough to score some lovin'...what a surprise...I didn't even have to ask. At 2AM I was kicked in the leg and laid there wondering WTF as she was going nutty humping her hand. I gave her a few moments and asked if I could help with anything and she quickly rolled over and commented about a leg cramp or something to that effect. I told her I was really OK with what was going on but also a little disappointed that I have to wait for the stars and planets to align in proper order before she would consider anything. Over the last few days I have asked if we could talk about this, again - was there something we could try together, do you want to experiment with anything new, etc, and I get no reply. I continued on with a comment stating I thought it was kinda hot and perhaps I could watch or even take a few pics but again she shot back with an angry reply. I don't think I plan on asking but I am gonna guess this has just been going on over these last few years. At this point I just don't know where to go with this any longer.


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    My missus plays most nights but also talks in her sleep whilst masturbating talking with her previous lovers it is like being a third person in bed she will answer questions too...........


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    Guest :)

    Sleep Flicker of Beans

    I too have experienced something like this. I had an ex years ago who would do all kinds of hot stuff while asleep. We would lie down, and after about 10 min or so she would start her sleep breathing (heavy breathing and a cute borderline snore). Especially if we were out drinking (we were in early 20s at the time) she would start moving closer to me, occasionally pulling her jammies off (long sleep-skirt thing or shorts) then almost always, would place one of her legs over me (shes on her back).
    Like most of you I discovered this by accident when she kicked me in the nards putting her leg over me, then learned to lie awake and wait for it. This put me in an awkward position. Ive got a beer-boner, cant sleep, and this hottie is spread eagle with a leg over me in skimpy shorts and a tee.
    She would then place one or both hands in her "area" and sort of twitch her fingers with prolonged "grabs". I am convinced this is some sort of sleep disorder because one fateful night, the one time i acted on it, she awoke with a shudder and FREAKED out accusing me of trying to molest her. LOL. It was baaaad. To defend myself I had to spill the "beans" and tell her what she did (to her bean hehe) and that it was fairly regular. Welllll, this upset her, mainly because she believed me having woke up that night in the position i described with hands on herself. Caught red handed so to speak.
    Anyways, the point of my story is that from then on she must have been embarrassed enough to subconsciosly learn not to do it somehow. I know it sounds cockamaimy but it happend about 1/10th as often after a confrontation.
    MORAL: Just let it go, grab your guy and join her nocturnal self-party cause wakin her up will not advance your position. Im with a different girl now who sleeps like a petrified log on fentenol so no more free shows. Make what you will of this phenominon, I know I enjoyed the show and wish my current girl had the same bizarre habits. Oh well

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    Gun Question for everyone?

    my gf usually masterbates when i am sleeping and i dont move lol its exciting and me and her are very opened up to porn and everything and ive told her i know you masterbate at night sometimes and that spiced up our relationship but i was wanting to know what its called when your wife masterbates next to you when your sleeping can you find this on porn sites? and if so what is it called?

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    Junior Member amylynnlee3's Avatar
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    Feb 2010
    well am a girl i get the same problem, my husband masturbate while am sleeping, but i fake my sleep and heard him doing it while watching prono. sometime i am sad because am a very horny woman and i want to make love everyday but he sometime refuse me. when i masturbate he got angry and stop talking to me. i don't understand what is happening

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    dealing with spousal masturbation

    I recently discovered that my wife often masturbates after reading romance novels and often while I'm still home. At first I was sickened by the thought and felt that my wife was cheating on me. Especially since I'd made sexual advances that same night. I was very upset by the whole thing and threatened to divorce her if it didn't stop. She was apologetic and begged me not to leave her and we have since been working things out. I often masturbate myself and realize that it doesn't make sense for me to be angry at her for doing the same. I've done a lot of reading about it, and apparently it is a very normal thing for married women to masturbate as well as have intercourse with their spouses. After all, it's a normal thing for married men to masturbate as well. Sex is a complicated and sometimes drawn out affair, and occasionally you or your spouse may just want relief with no strings attached.

    You should try talking with your wife to find out what the specific reason is that she feels more comfortable with masturbation. Only when you know what's causing her to feel this way can the two of you try to work things out together. It can be anything from feeling pressured to orgasm during sexual intercourse to feeling self conscious when experiencing pleasure, to a variety of any other explanations. This is something the two of you will have to talk about and work on together. Just remember - masturbation is a natural and normal occurrence even for married people.

    You yourself probably feel the same betrayal and anxiety I originally felt when I discovered my wife masturbating. I felt as though I wasn't able to satisfy her myself and that she needed to go outside our marriage bed to get what she wanted. But after doing a bit of reading (alot of reading) I have discovered that this isn't the case. And while these feelings of anxiety and betrayal are a normal reaction, they are not a healthy one. I can't speak for you, but after doing a bit of soul searching I discovered that my feelings were arising from my low self-esteem. I would suggest that if you feel the same way I did, you take a look at a few of the following sites' articles. They helped me to feel better about the whole situation and may work for you as well.

    Married Masturbation: Q&A with Dr. Gardos -- (Married Masturbation Q&A)

    Masturbation in Marriage (masturbation in marriage)

    I know the 2nd one is a christian site but bear with me. It still has a few good points about why people masturbate despite longstanding mutual sexual relationships. It may help you to read these articles together with your partner. I know it helped me.

    As a side note, some of my anxiety resulted from an insecurity about the size of my penis. The vibrator my wife was using for masturbation is 8 inches long. Although my penis is of average size (ranging from 5.5 to 6 inches erect) I felt inadequate, most likely because of watching too much porn in which the actors are specifically selected by penis size and not necessarily by ability to please a woman. After reading this article, I felt much better about the whole situation in general. It helped me to realize that while women may enjoy using large vibrators occasionally it does not mean that they do not enjoy sex with a man who has an average size penis as well.

    Vibrator Envy: Q&A with Dr. Gardos -- (vibrator envy)

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    I am a woman who will masturbate at night when I think my husband is asleep. I cannot speak for other women, but I usually do this because I am really horny and my husband is really tired. We do not have a lot of sex but when we do it is great. If my husband ever woke up and noticed me rubbing myself I would probably not mind it if he attempted to join me. That's just me, though. Sweet dreams guys.

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    My GF has woke me up 4 or 5 times in the past with the bed gently shaking but as soon as she realises im awake she stops and turns over. We also have a good sex life.
    However if I raise the issue she denies totally that she was doing it. At first I thought it was me being a bit pervy and imagining it but know I know you guys are experiencing the same thing. Doesnt seem fair lying there, heart pounding with a raging hard on knowing that your gonna get turned down. The biggest turn on for me is when she thinks im asleep and I seee her raise her hand to her mouth and suck her fingers before slyly carrying on.
    I dont mind at all that she masturbates but why deny it? I have told her to do it as often as she likes but try to not to wake me so often if I cant join in. Guess shes a wanker lol

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