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    Junior Member gibbywmu's Avatar
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    Jun 2008

    Why do so many black people have a gap in their two front teeth?

    Why are there so many black people that have a gap in between their 2 top front teeth? Is this heriditary? You see most of them on those prison shows, so many of the blacks have gaps in their teeth.

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    cuz theyre niggers. why do you think we hate em

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    Band Aid Jack ASS!

    You hate us, yet you copy and still everything we own and create... LMFAO!!!!!!!

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    I'm a dental hygienist and I do agree a lot of African Americans do have a diastema between their two front teeth. I have also noticed many African Americans having very straight teeth without having orthodontics. The reason I have found is that some African Americans have larger/wider jawbones than other races. This would give more room for all the teeth in the dentition to spread out and not have crowding occur! This would explain both the diastema and the straight teeth.

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    you're a horrible person.."we" don't hate're a piece of shit

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    Brazil nuts in the past were called nigger toes. I hope this helps with the discussion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    cuz theyre niggers. why do you think we hate em
    You sir, are an utter imbecile.

    (Go look it up as I'm sure you dont know what it means)

    All the best.

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    Yes, I like the fact that black peop
    le look like orangutans. Lmao

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    Because you are a bunch of idiotic stupid assed Niggers and everything you do is stupid, especially waering your pants hanging off your ass. Dumb niggers want to take it up the ass....spear chuckers...

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    Certificate Whitey Crackers

    Fucking White crackers are stupid as hell they fuck animals come from caves and lack the missing ingredient every other race has Hahaha! Melanin fucken white trash ass mother fuckers thieves murders and fucken liars they fucken barbarians that fucked up the planet raped it and fucking destroyed every got damn thing they fucken DEVILS if you ever saw one. The white man is a gutter fucken rag. They the fucken minorities. Aint it amazing that they invented all the evil in the world fucken homosexual sodomites 99.99999% of the mother fuckers are mentally ill it's time for RETRIBUTION the best Cracker is a mutilated dead one fuck the crackers may the mother fuckers die. We aint gonna miss whitey fucken crackers on the planet fucken DEVILs!!!!!!

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