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    Junior Member Mick S's Avatar
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    Jun 2008


    I need some scavenger hunt ideas but things like:
    -play marco polo in wal-mart
    -drink a shot of vinegar
    -go up to a drive through and sing your order
    -get a store employee to do a cartwheel
    -take a picture with a stranger
    -drink soda and eat a mento

    Does anyone have any ideas?
    Thanks anyone who answers!
    and these things need to be possible not like find a speed limit sign that dosent end in 5 or 0

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    Senior Member Mark's Avatar
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    May 2008
    hahhahahahaha thats soo freken funny.ummmmmh i dont know maybe somthing nasty

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    im making mine to so i'll give you some of my ideas to use like become a greater at a store ,ask for a childs autograph and Get service without shoes or shirt im at 83

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    haha! run a mile without pants!
    umm..get an old lady to flip off the camera
    trade pants with a stranger
    get a llama to spit on you
    go to the drive thru window, order a drink and throw it back at them
    make out with a random stranger
    drink a cup of mustard
    geta piggyback ride from a cop
    lick a strangers feet
    get a hobo to sign a pizza box

    grab a random person ass and yell mine!
    lick a manequins ass
    light yer pubes on fire
    does that help any??

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    yeah, thanks bam

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    k so all of these ideas you have to take pictures of your group (split everyone into groups then get into your cars and go around doing this stuff)

    Team with a nurse or a doctor
    Team with a Wal-Mart greeter
    Team with a policeman
    A member of the team walking a strangerís dog
    Team standing in front of a house number whose address contains the numbers 16
    Team standing next to a stop sign
    Team going down a slide
    Team at a fire station
    Team's reflection in something other than a mirror
    Team wearing masks
    Team in a group hug
    Team jumping (Everyone must be in midair for picture to count)
    Team with a Wal-mart Greeter
    Team in or on a shopping cart
    Team climbing a ladder
    Team picture of "I can't believe we all fit in here!"
    Team with someone in uniform
    Team reading books
    Team in front of a movie theater
    Team with blue tongues
    Team with spoons hanging off of noses
    Team wearing lamp shades on their heads
    Team in a Pet Store
    At least one member wearing crazy make-up
    At least one member doing exactly what the sign says (any sign can work)
    At least 2 members of the team on a diving board
    A member of the team playing a pinball machine
    Team wearing blue shoes
    Team in front of a convertible car (+25 if inside the car)
    Team with a Harley-Davidson motorcycle (+25 if biker is in photo)
    Team in a elevator
    Team wearing hard hats
    Team in an empty field, looking lost
    Team in a VW Bug
    Team with a wild animal
    Team sitting with a family at a restaurant
    Team in the dark, with flashlights to their faces
    Team in the trunk of a car
    At least one member in a police car (+100 of handcuffed)
    A member of the team bagging groceries
    A member of the team delivering a meal to a person in a restaurant
    Team with someone famous
    Team with a Priest
    Each team member holding flowers (the flowers must be different)
    Team on one swing

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    no those are so gay...wipdedo u took a picture with a nurse

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    1. . Wrap a team member in saran-wrap for 30 minutes of the hunt [3]
    2. take a bite of a random person’s food [2]
    3. Two teammates Skinny dipping [5]
    4. Taking a penny from a water fountain [1]
    5. Get a kiss from a random person [4]
    6. Sit in the back of a cop car [5] [extra two points if they handcuff you]
    7. find someone not in your car who is dressed like you [1]
    8. Chinese fire drill at a busy intersection [5]
    9. do something on the street for money [3]
    10. Girl in guy’s bathroom/ guy in girl’s bathroom [1]
    11. Posing as mannequin in window [2]
    12. “decorate” a stop sign [4]
    13. Hug a red-head [1]
    14. Spank a random person’s butt [3]
    15. Propose to a random fat person [4]
    16. every team member poke Darren Holness on facebook (so that when he logs on he has a bunch of random pokes hahah) [just for fun]
    17. take a shot with a parent [3]
    18. shave a guy’s leg [4]
    19. picture of explosion from coke & mentos [1]
    20. go christmas caroling [3]
    21. Put bubbles in a public fountain [5]
    22. moon another team [2]
    23. Picture of 2 members of the same sex holding hands while purchasing a pack of condoms in all change…Cashiers face must be visible in picture. [5]
    24. Cover a team mate in any delicious topping.[3] Bonus if you lick it off [3]
    25. Pants a Stranger [5]
    26. Entire Team in or on a shopping cart [3]
    27. Take a picture of a senior citizen flicking you off [5]
    28. Chug a 24 oz. of anything [2]
    29. Teammate pole dancing on Speed Limit Sign [4]
    30. Go trick-or-treating in costume at a random person’s house. [5]
    31. A member of the group delivering a meal to a person in a restaurant [4]
    32. Create a work of art with sidewalk chalk in a public parking lot. [1]
    33. Play “Duck, duck, goose!” in the middle of the yellow [5]
    34. At least one group member jumping off a swing (he/she must be in mid-air) [1]
    35. picture standing next to a garden gnome [2]
    36. jump out a bush and frighten someone [4]
    37. Put “WASH ME” on a dirty car [2]
    38. Get a stranger to let you bowl one frame for them during their game. [4] (get a strike[2])
    39. Fluffy Bunny contest between two teammates [3]
    40. three way kiss [4]
    41. buy chocolate with monopoly money [2]
    42. streak across a sports field [5]
    43. bumper sticker off random car [4]
    44. Find a wonderball [3]
    45. Get your dog to lick peanut butter off of a part of your body that you normally hide under a bathing suit. [5]
    46. Take a picture of all teammates in a pyramid [2]
    47. Receipt of a purchase of any item at 9:17 PM [3]
    48. Headset of McDonalds employee. [5]
    49. Take a picture of someone deep throating a banana. [4]
    50. Largest sized thong or underwear [1]
    51. Clothespin a teammate’s nipples. [4]
    52. Holographic charmander pokemon card [1]
    53. Stack Pringles in your mouth (1 point for every 3)
    54. Piss on someone’s car whose not in the hunt[5]
    55. Picture of a girl with C or D sized boobs in an A or AA bra. [4]
    56. Let someone take a body shot off of a member of your car [3]
    57. hickey in the shape of a smiley [5]
    58. fit whole team in a snuggie [3]
    59. take a shot of hot sauce [5]
    60. hump a speed bump [4]
    61. Take one of those piss things out of a urinal
    62. Eating a donut with a cop
    63. Honey-and-feather a teammate
    64. Scanning your ass on a copy machine
    65. Feed a teammate gummy worms mother bird style
    66. play marco-polo in a walmart
    67. sing your order at a drive thru
    68. get a store employee to do a cartwheel
    69. Leave a fake baby at someones door step (video of door opening)
    70. Get a hooters girl to kiss you
    71. Get punched with ring and get imprinted
    72. Tie shoes and throw them over powerline
    73. Pass the cinnamon challenge

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    Steal a garden gnome!

  10. #10
    pictures of...

    -man with colored hair
    -person wearing gloves
    -someone with the name name as a member of your group
    -people holding hands
    -group sitting with an unknown family at a restaurant
    -member of your group handcuffed
    -someone who looks like duck dynasty (long beard)
    -someone in an outfit that does not match
    -bald guy
    -old person holding up their id
    -team acting like mannequins at a store
    -group member dancing with a stranger
    -group drinking out of one cup at the same time with different straws
    -group member in largest panties they can find
    -group member pretending to sleep on a bed
    -get a stranger's number

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