My girlfriend won't let me look through her phone when I asked her..I even told her you could look through my phone, and she wouldn't go get her phone in her house (we were chilling in front of her house btw) . Last time i checked her phone, she had a picture of some guy with no shirt, but just his face..and it was some guy that used to like her. This was the first month we were together, and i saw it on her phone 3 months later and told her about it. She said they didn't do anything and it was a while back. I believed her. But now its our 6 months, and out of nowhere I told her Baby, I trust u and everything but let me just see ur recent calls on your phone, you can even hold the phone and show me. I wouldn't do anything, and she wouldn't even want to get her phone and show me. Her excuse, "you don't trust me or something?" I told her i do. Is she cheating on me? or something..i am sickly worried, and if she is doing something I'm done! Please help..